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My Cousin Nancy

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Me and my cousin are the same age. When we were younger we took a family trip together, my cousin, younger sister, mom and dad. Nancy was incredibly hot, cute, great legs and ass, blond hair and blue eyes. We drove from Michigan to California, a three week trip. Our first stop was in Phoenix. My cousin was a constant tease to me. Every time we were by the pool she would always rub tan lotion on my back and legs while I laid on my stomach. Every time I would get an enormous erection, which was hard to get rid of seeing her prance around in her bikini. My swim trunks were only a little bigger than my briefs. And having a 8 inch penis, there was no way to hide it. Every time we were alone in the hotel, she would have me lay on my stomach, stradle her legs over me and sit on my ass while smearing lotion and giving me back rubs. Every time she finished, I would run into the bathroom until my erection would go away. Every time she would giggle.

One day we were driving through the dessert, it was so hot that all I wore was short cutoffs. Nancy wore tight shorts. When it got dark, my little sister fell asleep in the front seat with my parents. Nancy and I were laying on our sides, spooning with her laying behind me.

She was sliding her barefeet and naked legs in between my bare legs. It was too much and I got such a big erection it nearly popped the snap on my cutoffs. There was no way she could not see it. So I acted like I was asleep. As she thouht I was a sleep, she started rubbing the shaft and head of my cock, making it even harder. I started breathing harder and she started rubbing harder and faster. She knew I wasn't asleep and I didn't say a word so my parents wouldn't turn around. My breathing kept getting deeper when her fingers rubbed the head. It didnt take her long to figure that out, so she rubbed in circles around the head, making it swell even more.

I started thrusting in rythim with her rubbing. She stopped rubbing and I felt both of her hands grasping on the snap of my cutoffs. My heart started pounding because I wasn't wearing underwear. My cock was laying flat against my stomach and as soon as my cutoffs snapped open, the head of my cock popped out. Then she slowly unzipped my jeans until my entire 8 inch cock was exposed. She wrapped her thumb and finger around the base of my cock, and started whipping the shaft in circles, whispering on how big it was in my ear. Then she slid her thumb and finger up the shaft and stopped just below the head. Then slowly at first she started tugging up and down on the shaft, making the foreskin go up and down over the head.

Soon precum began oozing out, making the head really slippery. Gradually she tugged faster and faster until the head exploded, squirting long thick strings of cum all over my stomach until she cupped the head in her hand, covering her hand in cum. When I returned to normal, she smeared the cum all over my stomach and chest. Giggling in the mess she made. My cock was too big to zip my jeans back up so she layed next to me with her fore arm covering my cock for about 15 minutes, then put my cock back in my pants and zipped then back up. Then she rubbed cum on her fingers and slid them in her mouth. Then knowing I had to be quiet, she fingered up some more cum and slid her fingers into my mouth. Soon there was no more cum to clean up,, and she whispered in my ear that I owed her a big favor. We both fell to sleep, and when we woke up it was light out and I could see white strands of cum in her hair and all over my shirt. My next story will be titled, cousin Nancy gets the favor returned.



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