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Liberating Experience

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I was flying back home from a vacation in Canada and the man next to me, 'Jack', started a conversation. It turns out he was a painter and a photographer. I am an art student and I had actually seen some of his work before, by coincidence. It was a happy and enjoyable meeting and when he asked me to have dinner with him I agreed.

I had a good time at dinner, and he wanted to carry things further, but the problem for me was his age. He was in his mid-fifties. I told him that very honestly. He seemed to understand, and told me he would just like me to sit for a portrait. Skipping most of what happened over the next few weeks, we became close non-sexual (on my part at least) friends. He is bright and fun to be with and quite talented.

The part that is relevant to this site started when we moved from painting to photography. He began taking lovely still pictures of me. Posing at his directions made me much less self-conscious and more confident in the way I presented myself in public. By mutual agreement some of the photographs were semi-clothed and discretely nude. I really came to enjoy the shoots, and the posing became erotic for me, and something I looked forward to. His presence was irrelevant to my pleasure, and when I was alone I would practice posing in the nude or in sexy clothing, in preparation for the next shoot, and that always led to masturbation.

We talked a good deal about body movement, as he was studying something called 'the Alexander method' which involves properly moving your body, and at my request we started making some videos of my movements so I could see and possibly alter my way of walking, standing, sitting, etc. Since we both considered ourselves artists we started trying to make artful movement videos. He would tell me how to move and what to do next, and that was very freeing as I did not have to take responsibility or feel awkward about what I was doing. The decisions were made for me by an expert. The tapes were quite good I think. I could never have done these things with a younger man. There would have been too much tension and embarrassment. His age, my lack of sexual desire for him, and the mature way he spoke all helped me.

By now I was comfortable removing most or all of my clothing before the camera, and this was very sexual and liberating for me. 'Jack' could tell when I was getting aroused, and moved in for a close up and his explicit directions encouraged me to go further. Those images became incorporated into the videos. Using bright, well-directed lights we had some wonderfully vivid close-up shots of my vagina and nipples. He always let me take the tapes home with me and he never kept them. I would watch them both to study my movements and as a stimulus for my masturbation. I had been a rather sexually repressed girl until this period but was becoming comfortable with my sexuality through these movement rehearsals and shoots. Other people frequently commented on how I looked so different and so much better and relaxed. It was true.

During one shoot, I was particularly aroused. I flushed and became very wet, and opened myself to the camera. 'Jack' gently and softly said 'It's good. Go for it.' I knew what he meant and I slowly commenced masturbating, and at his continuing encouragement became more vigorous and wild, including trying one thing I had thought about but been too modest to try before, even in private. This all became so wonderfully thrilling for me, with feelings I had never had before.

I went into what I would call a kind of frenzy. I thought I had had orgasms many times before this but when these feelings took over my body I knew these were entirely different. My body took over and I lost any capacity to hold or slow down what was happening. I gave in to it completely and just as it seemed to be letting up, it started over again and built up to even more before! The third time in a row that I felt it starting to build again, it struck me as so funny that I laughed uncontrollably at what was happening, but did not try to stop it.

The camera, on a tripod, was still rolling, but I could see even despite the bright lights in front of me, that 'Jack' was masturbating himself. I didn't mind, and in fact that helped keep my pleasure going. When it finally eased off, I realised that I had got soaked from my own juices, and there was literally a little puddle on the floor. It took a long time for me to relax and get myself together. 'Jack' was cleaning up the residue of his own orgasm. We laughed about it together and watched the tape.

It was thrilling to see and I was once again aroused. So was he. By now I trusted 'Jack' fully and I let him make a copy for himself. I have watched that tape many times and it always arouses me. 'Jack' tells me he masturbates to it almost every day. It was the best sexual experience I ever had and maybe ever will have, and I have it all on tape. I still do some posing for 'Jack' by the way.



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