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The Power Of My Mind

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My mind is powerful, my body moreso.....


I think of her, and her large brown eyes. They really do seem like, windows to her soul. The thought of her scent, and yes, even her sweat, and my quim begins to wet. 

I spread my legs, and look at the material there. I'd doesn't look clean. It looks stained, yucky, and I smile. I love that my quim stains my underwear. I know the power of my dirty panties. I've seen my brother smell them as he wanked his cock. I've seen my sister sucking on those stains while I licked her out.

I know the stains of not only myself, but of sperm as well. Remembering sperm in the panties also made me remember how stretched my hole felt when I was fucked for the first time. 

My thoughts turn back to her, and how she hurt my neck with her teeth. She drew blood and I liked it. The sharp, viscous sucking, and I realize I want her to hurt me more. 


I've never considered pain before. I've been spanked, although lightly, but this, being bitten and more, is different.

I begin to look around my bedroom. A single candle burns. It is her candle. The one I used to take her cherry.

As I stand from my bed my dressing gown falls from my shoulders.

I take the candle and lie on my bed, arranging myself so I can see the crotch of my white panties in the mirror.

I hold the candle and then, with deliberate slowness, I tilt it until the hot wax falls on my nipple. The pain is exquisite and sends a shockwave through me. I squeeze in a way that only a girl can, a deep, visceral push that began in my womb, I feel the welt of fluid ooze from me into my panties. They are so wet now that they glisten. 

I want to stain them, to make them dirty, to be dirty in them.

I have prepared for this moment so well. The tape recorder lies beside my bed with the cassette I asked her to make for me. It was a simple thing. She asked me if there was anything I wanted as a gift from her and it seemed to natural to ask her to record for me a tape of her verbally abusing me. Her soft, deep voice dripping with sex and lust, calling me names, telling me in detail too private to mention here exactly what she would have me do. Some of it was too dirty for the imagination, but all conspired to make my hole flood. 

Then, the other nipple, a pouring of hot wax. “Ohhhh,” I wanted to be wet. I wanted to be so very wet. Only a girl knows what it's like to be deliberately wet between her legs, and to revel in that feeling of ultimate readiness for sex.

But tonight would see no penetration. None. This would, be an orgasm of the mind. 

She had spoken of it before. Her feelings about the hot wax. I ease the waistband down just a little. Then a tiny amount more. It's just exposing my mound now. Just the top. Now, I lift my bum and ease them down a little more.

I am so close now, I feel myself almost cumming knowing what I am about to do. Another administration of the wax to each nipple, before I hold the candle over my mound and the very top of my slit. 

And then......

I pour. The wax sears my mound and as I planned runs down to the very top, of my clitoral hood.

The orgasm explodes, detonates. Oh, I cum. I cum so hard and so violently with my legs spread, and my bum almost off my bed. I complete the act by peeing into my panties.

In this moment of utter devotion to filth, I would give anything for Amy to pee her panties into my mouth. I would, suck her, swallow her, tongue fuck her, lick her bumhole out. 

Another wave of desire hits me, and now, with the candle blown out, but still warm to the touch, I push it up my bum. It's a long candle, and I fuck myself, more deeply with it than anything has ever been in my bum before. I press until only the very end of the candle remains. It's different than a cock. Because this has been inside Amy's virgin cunt, it carries a mysticism with it. I squeeze again, this time with other muscles. I feel the candle starts to move. At the same time, I press the soaked material of my panties into my hole with my fingers. The room smells of sex. Smells of a primordial desire. 

I squeeze again, and the candle emerges. This time, this time I cum the very second it leaves my bum. 

It smells earthy, sexy. It smells like my finger did after being in Amy's bum. 

It's no good. I need so much more tonight. The desire is growing, growing exponentially. 

I get up, my dripping panties pulled back up, and I tap gently on Jayne's door. 

A whispered "come in" leads to a night like I have never known.



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