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Learning To Drive

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This happened two years ago when I was learning to drive. I had my permit and had been driving. Anytime I ride in a car I would get really big erections if the ride was more than 30 minutes or so. But driving was a different story. I was so busy I didn't get any boners at all. It was great...for about three weeks. It was after a few weeks that driving became so easy for me that I would get boners again. The only difference was that now I couldn't shift my legs to try and hide it. So one day my mom and I went to the grocery store. It was about 30 minutes from home. So on the way my dick started to do it's thing. I was able to keep it at half staff though until we got to the store. Now's the part where I tell you what my mom looks like. She has black shoulder length hair, perfect frame, c tits that have very little droop with nipples about 3/4 an inch long. Her ass is toned with a slight curve, not too big though. Her best feature by far though is her vagina! The woman has a porn star vagina! Shaved perfect lips that aren't too small and aren't to big. Her clit is just a little on the small side, and the walls of her vagina are nice and tight do to the lack of sex over the last year or so. As I was wandering how I was going to get my penis down on the drive home my mom walked out of the grocery store. I helped her unload them and started the drive home. It was during this time that I had a brilliant idea. Relax and let my cock get hard and see how she would react. I started getting harder than normal just at the idea of her reaction. And I wasn't wrong to. It took her a little longer than I thought to notice. It wasn't until she loomed out the drivers window that she noticed my raging hard on. I even "flexed" my penis while she was looking to get her to notice the movement. The moment she noticed her eyes got big and her tone of voice changed. She started making small talk, after a few minutes she asked if she could ask me something important. She asked why I had an erection. I said because it happens when I drive in cars. She then started to talk about how my dad hadn't slept with her in over a year. She said it was because he was getting older and there was nothing she could do to make him want to have sex any more. I said that's a shame, maybe you should give him head or wear something special. She then told me what she missed most about him was just playing with his penis while they were together alone. I said "I haven't been getting any in a while maybe you could play with my penis." she was quiet for a while. She then told me to make a wrong turn and had me drive to a secluded area. Then she took her seat belf off and then pulled my pants down quickly. I could tell she was telling the truth about my dad by the way she hungered for my dick. She spat on it and started to jerk me off. I was in so much bliss that I had a hard time telling her to stop. I did though. I said "stop this should be about you." we put the seats down in the back and I started unbuttoning her shirt making sure to kiss her from her neck down to her pants. I then used my teeth to unzip her pant's leaving her in just a bra and panties. She looked at me and said "I like being fucked with my panties on." I almost lost my load right there. I said I wouldn't fuck her. But we could grind a little. So I unhooked her bra exposing those amazing tits. I used my pre cum to lube up her already wet vagina. It was so tempting to just jam all 7 inches up that tight pussy! But I held off. We rolled over to where she was on top and she started grinding on my cock while letting me suck on her tits. "this is nice but I can't get off like this" she said. So I stuck my middle finger up her vagina and man was that thing tight. So tight two fingers was all she could handle! It took maybe 3 minutes total for her pussy to start spawning in a powerful orgasm. That caused her to arch up off the floor of the car. I brought her to 2 more orgasms, after which she told me to stop and suck her tits until she regained her strength. I took her nice long nipples in my mouth and sucked in slow loving manner. This must of made her horny because before I know she was asking for another orgasm. Which just happens to be the strongest. She then turned her attention to me cock, she grabbed some lube from a grocery bag and told me she knew I was at half staff on the way to the store and that it was just in case. she drenched my fat cock in it and gave me the best hand job I've had up to date. I shot my entire load on her pussy and rubbed it around bringing her to yet another orgasm. My dick never got soft, I was so horny. Mom noticed this so she jacked me off two more times, after which it went down. We were tired so we spooned in the back of the car while I played with her tits and kissed her neck. She said that we should go shopping somewhere else so as to explain how a 1'hour shopping trip turned into a 2 hour trip. So we did. On the way home I let her drive and played with her pussy while she was, not letting her cum until just before we got home. Later that evening while my dad was outside my mom said we should go further next time and that she would like to know if being able to touch my tongue to my nose would be as usefull as she thought. And winked.



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