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Learning From Older Cousin

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I well remember the day I learned about masturbation. I was around 11 years old and was playing with my cousin at his house. He had to go to the bathroom so I was waiting outside the door for him to finish. He was 13 at the time. I thought he was taking a long time so I told him to hurry up. He said, 'I'm jacking off so give me time to finish.' I had never heard the term jacking off so I asked him what he had said and what he was doing. He asked me if I had ever jacked off. I told him I didn't even know what it was. He then told me to come in the bathroom and I could watch him.
He was sitting there with his pants down around his ankles with his dick sticking up and his hand was going up and down over is hard dick. I was totally fascinated at what I was seeing. Occasionally he would spit in his hand then rub it on his dick. He told me if I watched him that it would not be long until shot off. I eagerly asked what he meant by shooting off. He explained to me that this white stuff would come shooting out of his dick in a few seconds. He said if you shoot it in a woman's pussy it makes her pregnant. Damn he was a wealth of knowledge. A few minutes later, just as he said, he groaned and out came the white stuff. Cum shot everywhere. I could not believe what I had just seen. Watching him caused my dick to get hard.
He invited me to try it but I declined. But I could not wait until that night after I went to bed. I played with my dick until it got hard, something I had done several times before. Once it got hard I started jacking it as my cousin had done and man did it feel good. Pretty soon I experienced a feeling greater than anything I had ever experienced in my young life. I would not have believed anything could feel that wonderful. I reached down with my other hand to find out where all my cum had gone but there wasn't any. I went to sleep that night thinking something was wrong with me. I couldn't wait to get back to my cousin's house the next day to tell him what I had done and find out why I hadn't cum. He was happy for me and explained that he did not shoot cum at first but once I got older I would start doing it.
That led to the pleasures of jacking off which has lasted for 51 years now. I started jacking off several times each day and not a night passed that I did not jack off. I slept in the same room with my 14 year old sister but that did not keep me from enjoying my new found pleasure. I would either jack off under the cover or turn over where I would not be facing her and jack off. Many nights I would lie there and listen to my parents having sex in another room and jack off to their sounds of passion. My cousin had taught me what to listen for. I began peeping at my sister during this time and got some good looks at her pussy. I was envious of the way her pussy looked. I knew that one day I would have hair around my dick but she had a real thick patch of dark brown pussy hair. I was able to catch her several times asleep with her legs spread and the leg openings of her shorts would be pulled to one side and I could see inside the lips of her pussy and all the pink flesh normally hidden by all her hair. There would be times when she would be totally naked from the waist down.
It was about that time that I began sniffing her panties. I had discovered how wonderful a dirty pair of panties smelled and the odor of a pussy really excited my little dick. I found that my cousin loved smelling panties while jacking off. He would often join me in smelling my sister's panties as we jacked off together. Neither of us wanted to sniff our own mother's panties but I thought his mom was hot looking and he thought the same of my mom so I steal a pair of my mom's panties for him and he would get a pair from his mom for me to use. My cousin and I would take turns spending the night with each other often and we started jacking off together which eventually led to us jacking each other off. I guess I had passed the age of 12 before I started shooting cum. It made me feel like an adult and the cums were more intense but I could not jack off as often. It took a little more time to recover.
This was in the rural South in the early 1950's and things were much different than today. Neither my cousin nor I were from a wealthy family. My cousin lived about two miles from me and there were only a couple of houses between our houses. There were no televisions and limited transportation. The hottest thing we could find to look at was a sale catalog with pictures of women in their underwear. I found a book one day that apparently my mom and bought for my sister. It had drawings of a man's dick and a woman's pussy and my dick got hard looking at the drawings. In addition to the drawings the book was filled with information about sex. When I was at the house alone I would always get the book down and look at it so I was able to learn a lot from it.
But as I said this was the rural South and the females that my cousin and I were exposed to, other than girls in school that we were not around much, were pretty much limited to my sister and our mothers. So, we had to get our pleasure where we could find it. In addition to receiving pleasure in jacking each other off, we found a way to fuck each other. I would smear Vaseline between my legs. I would then put my legs together and my cousin would get behind me and put his dick between my legs. It wouldn't actually go in my ass but as he was fucking me I could feel his dick rubbing around the outside of my asshole and the head would go past my ass and I could feel it rubbing against my balls and the base of my dick. When he would shoot off his cum would be smeared from my asshole to my dick. He would then lube up and I would fuck him in the same manner.
We would occasionally suck each other off. We would only do this if we had condoms or as we called them, fuck rubbers. I had no objections to putting his dick in my mouth as long as he had a rubber around it and when he shot off it simply filled the rubber, not my mouth. He would suck me in the same way. One night he was fucking me in our usual way and the angle was not exactly right and his dick slid up inside my asshole. It hurt a little but felt good in a strange sort of way. He continued pumping until he filled my ass full of hot cum. It felt really good to feel the spurts of cum shooting in me. I almost came as he was cumming. I then fucked him in the ass.
But most of our sex play was through masturbation. During our late teen years we began dating and having sex with girls and we never went back to our old ways. Today we are both happily married to wonderful women. Neither of us ever did anything with another male and he and I have not touched each other sexually in over 45 years. I don't know about my cousin but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of masturbating and not too many days pass without me taking my dick out and giving it a good jacking.



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