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Kissing Cousins Part 1 of 2

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My cousin (Sue) and I were both only children growing up in the late 1950s. She and I lived far apart, but our families got together every six months; for summer vacation and for Christmas. Sue lived up north with her parents and close by to our grandparents. I lived in the south with my parents. Whenever our families would get together, Sue and I would be allowed to sleep in the same room together. We would stay awake late in the evening telling secrets and enjoying our differences. The bond was unusually strong and we hated the long wait until the next visit. When we got to be about 13 our parents no longer allowed us to sleep in the same room together. But it didn't stop us from tip-toeing across the hall to continue our late night chatting and playing.

My mother sold Avon products. We would often accompany her on her trips to deliver her bags of products. We always sat on the back seat of the car because moms big cardboard shipping boxes of products to be delivered occupied the front passenger seat. Mom would be inside for long periods of time, drinking coffee and showing the new products catalog to the customers.

Once on one of the trips Sue and I started to talk about sex. I was surprised to learn that she was already an experienced masturbator. I didn't think girls did that sort of thing. She asked me if I did it, and I said yes, of course. She asked me if I had ever done it with anyone else, and I said no. I also told her that I enjoyed stroking myself. She asked me if I had ever seen a girls pussy and I said no. She said, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours! So of course I opened my shorts and lowered them to proudly display my equipment.

Her eyes almost bugged out! She had never seen real penis before. It was already hard and erect. Then I got to see a pussy for the first time. I was a bit shocked. It looked like an open wound when she spread her lips open! But we had to end the demo for the time being as my mother was on her way back to the car. But it certainly got the childhood fantasies charged up for more!

That night after we went to bed, neither of us could sleep. I remember her knocking softly on the wall and I went over to her room to see what she wanted. She said she couldn't stop thinking about what she saw in the back seat and asked me more about cocks and erections. This got me hard again and she asked to see my cock once more. I dropped my pyjamas and walked up close for her to see it. She asked if she could touch it and before I could answer she had placed her soft hand around it and commented about how hot and hard it was.

I thought I would pole-vault out of her bedroom! My cock was really rock hard and it felt like it was going to break off. The touch of her soft hand holding it was just incredible. Then she asked if she could examine my balls. I said yes, but only if I could play doctor with her pussy. After a few minutes of instruction about not squeezing too hard, she stopped and it was my turn. She took off her pyjama bottoms and let me see her clitoris, lips and the wound once again. She said that she was very wet, and I asked her about what she meant. She explained that when girls get excited, they get wet down there and sure enough, she was wet. I never dreamt that playing doctor could be so much fun. Tending to her wound was extra special!

I asked Sue how she masturbated. She showed me several ways she did it, rubbing her fingers lightly on one side of her clit, dry-humping a pillow, rubbing up against the post on the bed, etc. She wanted to know what I did with my cock, and I told her that I liked to stroke it when I was taking a bath or a shower with soap. But I usually had to stop because the soap got into the hole and it started burning.

That was the end of our discussion as her parents came down the hall to check on us. I made up an excuse that she saw a cockroach in her room and wanted me to get rid of it. That became a secret, private joke between us.

When she went home we would write letters back and forth and often complain about the long time it was taking for our next visit together. We had wished that we both lived in the same town so we could see each other more often.

One night as I was stroking my cock I used a bit of Vaseline I had found in the bathroom instead of soap. I couldn't stop as the feeling kept getting better and better. Suddenly I had a tremendous orgasm and it scared me. But at the same time it felt so good, I wanted to see if I could repeat the event. Sure enough, I was able to do it again the next night. I couldn't wait to tell my cousin about what I had managed to do!



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