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Just Plain Panties

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I figured out a long time ago if you can't smell a woman's pussy the next best thing is to sniff her panties. Therefore, I have been an avid panty sniffer and masturbator for over 55 years.

My first pair of panties to smell was my older sister's panties. I was 13 and jacking off like crazy and my sister was 16. She had a hot pussy and was leaving a lot of juice in her panties. Not too long after I started smelling her panties I found a pair that belonged to my mom's younger sister. She was several years younger than my mom and was in her late 20's at the time. There were times that I was so horny to smell pussy that I licked my mom's panties while jacking off.

My next panties belonged to a neighbor girl who lived just down the road from us. She was 15 and had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen on a woman. The summer I turned 14 I spent several weeks with an older second cousin and her husband. By the end of my first day there I had sniffed her panties and jacked off. I found Jo's panties while her and her husband were at work. I also found where he kept his stash of rubbers. He also had a collection of what we used to call, 'fuck books.' They were little things with drawing of cartoon characters in them. I remember one was of Popeye and Olive Oil and Popeye's dick was huge in the drawing. Jo's sister, another cousin lived next door and I found where she put her dirty panties also.

I used to collect the panties and keep them but as any panty sniffer knows, after a few weeks, the smell is gone. After that they are of no more use to me. At one time, after I married, I had panties that belonged to my wife, all five of her sisters. Between my wife's brothers and sisters, there are 16 nieces. I have smelt every one of their panties and jacked off while doing so.

I have had panties that belong to my friends wives and daughters, neighbors, you name it and I have probably smelled it.

I like to get a pair of dirty panties, as soon after they are taken off if possible. If I can get two pairs at the same time I use one pair to put around my cock and jack with. I take the panties and lick and suck on the material in the crotch. That is where all the good odor is found. I usually make it last as long as possible and when I cum I like to cum in their panties.

The best pair I ever had was once when one of my wife's nieces was spending a few days with us. That Saturday morning my wife and her niece were going to a festival for the day. As soon as Debbie got up and got dressed they left for the festival. They had not gotten out of the driveway when I headed to the guest bedroom and found a pair of Debbie's panties. As soon as I picked them up I knew they were wet. Apparently Debbie had masturbated with her panties on that morning before getting out of bed because the crotch of her panties were filled with slick pussy juice. I was actually able to coat my cock with her girl cum.

As I jacked my cock I licked and sucked the crotch of her panties until I had sucked up every drop of her honey. I was so hot I had to keep myself from shooting my load. When I knew I could not hold it any longer I opened Debbie's bag and took out a pair of her clean panties. I shot so much cum in her panties that some of it ran down my cock and got on my stomach. After I finished cumming I smeared my cum all over the crotch of her panties and left them to dry. After it dried I folded the panties and put them back in her bag.

My love for panties and masturbation has not been to replace regular sex, it has been in addition to. I have been married to the same woman for almost 50 years and our sex life has been wonderful. We are in our late 60's now and we still have sex at least once a week. She does not know about all the panties that I have smelt though!



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