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Just Imagine

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Imagine having a small leak in a roof. You put a bucket under it and, for a while, everything is fine. The bucket slowly fills until it begins to run over.


Well, that is what it's like for a girl like me with a high sex drive and no boyfriend! Oh, sure, at first, masturbation relieved the tensions, but then that becomes insufficient. You cum, yes, but the frustration level builds quickly, and higher than before. It's not the orgasm that is required, it is some form of interraction. Something that involved someone else.

So, I started to find ways to give myself extra thrills. It started by me masturbating in unusual places.

My garden was good...a changing room in a shop was better.

But then I learned that if I put myself in a sexual situation over a long period and THEN jill off, the orgasm is really satisfying and lasts me a couple of days which is at least bearable.

So, I went to work yesterday in a short black dress and nothing underneath at all. I spent a lot of time choosing it and even set up my video camera and filmed myself in my bedroom wearing it and going through some of the actions I do every day. It was perfect... I ALMOST showed everything I have, but not quite.

So off I went to work. Even walking there, I felt aroused and I knew that it would be a good day. I saw lots of girls walking to the local secondary school, and typical of the average girl, they were wearing as little as possible too. I smiled to myself.. 'Ah well, girls, ONE day you will be brave enough to do what I'M doing.' I got to work and started doing what I do. Every time I stretched up, I knew my ass was almost exposed. Every time I sat down, I knew there was a risk of me showing my vagina.

I was building really nicely as lunchtime came and I almost considered jilling off then, but decided to wait until I got home for the big one.

Then, a visitor came to the office in the afternoon. He was older than me, but had the most warm smile. Ah well, a little flirting may help. We spent the afternoon talking, and, I admit, I did rather put out some signals, and by the end of the afternoon, not only was I aching for a cum, I was also very wet.

He, on the other hand was flirting too with the occasional sexual double entendre which added a nice bit of tension. I saw he was married, but you know, that helped. I wondered if he had fucked his wife that morning. If his cock was still wet with her, and how he had screwed her. I wondered if, like me, she likes to be dominated or if, like me, she likes anal sex as much as vaginal. Yes, it all served to build my arousal to the point where I was actually feeling myself contract down there.

At the end of the meeting he put his hand on mine and looked directly into my eyes. What he said next was amazing. 'Well, Lauren. We've been sitting here flirting on and off all afternoon. I hope that when you jill off you imagine me fucking the living daylights out of you.' He got up and headed for the door saying. 'And, shooting my load up your cunt.' Usually I hate that word, but this time... OHHHH.

I sat there, and felt myself cum in the chair. And what an orgasm it was. I felt the first contraction or two and then all hell let loose between my legs. I came long and hard. He stood there with his hand on the door handle, (protecting me, I think) I leaned back and spread my legs. I wanted him to see my pussy. Only then did I reach down and push a couple of fingers inside me and REALLY exploded.

When I finished, he walked over to me and took my hand and sucked the fingers that were in me.

I swear, older than me or not, he could have had me right there and then over my desk.

When I got home, I figured that after an orgasm like that there would be no point in jilling, but instead, I took a banana out into my garden and, still in my dress, I lived out a favourite fantasy which involves someone following me and 'forcing' me from behind. So I allowed myself to be 'followed' into a secret corner of my garden and there I masturbated by pushing it inside me from behind and imagining him screwing me.

I had another really huge orgasm and I also let myself pee which is something I very rarely do.

That is why I can write this this morning NOT wound up as all hell like usual.



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