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Julie's Panties

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Julie's Panties

I had known Julie for several years, we worked together on many projects and I always found her very attractive. She was a golden haired blonde with big blue eyes and a killer smile. She was a big girl, not fat but not slim either, she carried her weight well and in all the right places. She had full sexy lips, slim graceful hands and a great set of tits. I had many fantasies involving any and all of those attributes. I had never considered stealing panties before and I thought those that did were a little creepy but once given the chance I just had to try it. This is the story of my first and only panty theft.

Julie decided to have a holiday party at her home and invited a bunch of friends including myself. During the party we talked, had a few beverages and enjoyed ourselves all around. I finally had to get rid of some of the beverage I drank earlier and headed to the bathroom. One of the first things I noticed was a large hamper in the corner. I finished my intended task and decided to see if I could get a look at Julie's underwear. I lifted the lid of the hamper half expecting it to be empty but happily it was nearly full. I poked around and found a pair of white bikini panties that had obviously been worn many times. I rolled them up, stashed them away and soon left the party. I never got a chance to explore my prize that night but I knew I would soon have the chance.

Early the next day, I had to head out the D.C. area for a few days and I made sure I had Julie's panties with me. All the way there, I had a hard-on just thinking about Julie, her great tits and how much I was going to enjoy myself. Once at the hotel, I decided to catch up on some work and maybe surf a little porn. I looked for some nude shots of a girl I had seen on the web that reminded me quite a lot of Julie. This model is very nearly exactly what I would expect Julie to look like nude. In no time, I found a set or two. There are only a few sets of her pictures out there and I sure hope she does more some day. But I digress, it had probably been a week since I last jerked-off and I was pretty backed up so by now; my balls were starting to ache.

I went to my bag and retrieved Julie's panties and examined them more closely. They were full cut and made of a soft stretchy material no tags and no designs of any kind. I finally held them to my nose and got the faintest whiff of Julies scent, I almost lost it right there. I dropped my pants and underwear, my cock felt thick and heavy in my hand. I was throbbing, sensitive to touch and dripping pre-cum. I placed Julie's panties against the underside of my cock and rubbed the crotch area against my skin and the feeling was so incredible it's hard to describe. I could imagine rubbing my cock on Julie while she was in those panties. I slowly rubbed them up and down the length of my cock. Before long I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I was about to lose it and there was no going back.

I wrapped the panties tightly around my cock and quickened the pace of my stroke and glanced down at my favorite shot of this lookalike of Julie showing on my laptop and had a mind-blowing orgasm. Hot white cum gushed into the panties and overflowed back from the pocket formed by the crotch and rolled in globs down the dangling end of the panties. I continued to stroke and the hanging end of the panties whipped drops of cum on my legs, on the desk and all over the floor. I sat down and spent a minute recovering from one of the best wanks of my life! I wish I could have done it again later but Julie's panties were fully sodden with cum were stiff as a board in the morning. Pity I had to get rid of them.



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