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Pre-cum: Yes, It Pours

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This story is in response to the previous author who didn't beleve that pre-cum 'poured out in buckets' and that at most it was maybe just 'a drop'-he was annoyed at the exaggerations.


As an MD, I can tell you that the amount of pre-coital fluid (as is it's proper name) varies in degree from person to person. Some people experience very little if any, and others drip copious amounts the instant they become aroused till after they cum. I happen to ooze A LOT of pre-cum. A lot more than a drop.

When I was doing my internship, often I would work long hours and lived in scrubs. The scrub material was very thin linen and often times I would have to wear a 'pantyliner' in my briefs out of necessity. If I was examining an attractive male patient, I would become aroused and begin to leak. A stain would be extremely obvious and embarressing if I did not do this. I found that out the hard way!

When I was an orderly, working my way through med school, I was responsible for shaving the male patients prior to surgery. Mostly the patients were old and sick and clearly not attractive to a young man. One time though, I had to prep a man for a procedure called a vaso-vasotomy (which is a reversal of a vasectomy). I was about 22 and had to shave this 35-year-old man's genitals from umbilicus (belly button) to mid-thigh. That was the standard prep. After shaving him, I had to scrub the area with a betadine solution.

This man was VERY, VERY attractive. He had what they call a 'treasure trail' of hair that was very sexy. He was muscular, but athletically built-not a muscle head. In order to do the prep adequately, I had to move his penis back and forth and stretch the skin on his scrotum. I tried to use a small facecloth at first, but it was very tedious. The patient eventually said, 'Why don't you lose the wash cloth, it'll be easier.' So of course, I did.

While I was prepping him, he did not become completely hard, but did 'grow' quite a bit-Like from three inches to about eight inches! And this was not even fully hard! I could tell because it was still fairly flexible in my hand as I moved it around to shave. I have to admit that I was deliberatly trying to excite the man while I prepped him. I used the soap sponge that came with the prep kit with water that was very warm, and would scrub his genitals back and forth and up and down to create a thick creamy lather so that the shaving part was easier. I was drippng pre-cum the whole time into my underwear (this was before I knew I needed to wear the panty liner!).

As I was shaving, I asked him to open his legs a bit. He had no problem with that-he opened spread-eagled. I could see his tight, pink hole in shadow. My face was flushed deep red and the bulge in my white work pants quite obvious-as was the quarter-sized mark of wetness that stained my pants, through my underwear. I'm not sure whether the patient noticed this or not. He did begin to figit, however, and make little gasps as I shaved. I assumed that he was frightened that I would cut him, so I reassured him; telling him to relax and that I promised I wouldn't knick him. He never said anything in reply. He just kept squirming and figeting. I was so very aroused and at this point didn't even care about my job. I was so determined to get this guy to get hard that I became more brazen and used much firmer, more rhythmic strokes on his penis and scrotum. I worked up the creamy lather and took his penis in my hand, grasping it from the base and pulling downward along the shaft, cupping the head of his dick in the fleshy palm of my hand with each stroke (still trying to appear to be prepping him). It may have appeared that I was prepping him, but the sensations must have been obvious-I was jerking him off, and doing so very slowly and deliberately. I even soaped up his asshole a little, telling him that this area needed to be scrubbed as well. While I was 'moving' his penis up and down, I began to (through the sponge) apply circling pressure to his anus, which seemed to be opening and closing a bit, trying to slip a bit of my finger into his hole. Suddenly, he became hard as a rock and the head of his cock mushroomed to such an incredible velvet-like, smooth and shiny texture. My mouth was watering and I really wanted to take him in my mouth. I wouldn't have the chance. He suddely tensed up and spasmed as he shot load after load of cum up into the air. One shot hit me on my forehead, another up onto his chest and onto the wall behind the bed. Ther rest falling somewhere in between. Despite my intentions, I was shocked! I was so surprised because the whole time that he was figeting, I was certain it was out of anxiety. This man was married, wanting to have more kids-looked like a quarterback and I thought-MUST BE STRAIGHT!! But clearly, it was out of pleasure and ecstasy. The amount, and the strength of his orgasm was very telling in how very aroused he really was. I would like to say that I took him in my mouth and licked him clean-but in reality, I just handed him a towel. He muttered something about being very embarressed, he then said something that really shocked me. He said, 'You know with a handsome guy like you working down there, it was all I could do to not get hard, I'm so embaressed, but damn, you are so hot!'

I didn't even acknowlege the compliments-I made some stupid remark about how he shouldn't be embaressed 'cause this happens all the time (yeah right!). I left quickly to let him clean up-and to clean myself up. I ended up pressing my pants against a bathroom blower to dry them. To this day, I think about that man...and when I do, I DRIP!!!



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