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Julie the Pest

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I had recently stumbled upon masturbation. I was always getting erections, and found it felt really good grinding my penis against the bed-even better if I pulled my underwear off (I knew about jerking off, but thought it was wrong at the time to do). One morning while grinding against the flannel sheets, I began to feel tingly all over.. when a rush came over me and warm sperm ejected from me all over my sheets and belly. I was amazed! I did it once a day that whole week every time I woke up.

That Friday, I was picked up by my friends family and traveled to their second home on a lake. My friend had a sister, Julie, who was a pest, but didn't bother me that much. We got to the lake house and spent the afternoon swimming. Julie made it a point to jump on my back every chance she got. Once she wrapped her legs and arms around the front of me and asked to be carried around. At first it didn't seem like anything, but the more she squirmed around, the more I became turned on. I kept thinking about rubbing against the bed sheets.. She didn't say anything, but had to know. I was fully erect, and her crotch was clinging close to me. This was the first real contact I had with a girl, and I was sort of shocked by it-I wondered if this is what sex felt like! She climbed off me eventually, and swam back to the beach. I had to stay in the water for a while longer until my erection went down.

My friend went off to help do some chores in the yard, so I went in to use the bathroom. The bathroom was situated inside a bedroom. I thought everyone was outside, but I was wrong. I walked in to Julie laying on the bed. She was on her towel and in her bikini. Just seeing her with her legs slightly parted started making me erect again. She said she felt my penis while we were swimming and wanted to know if she could see it. I just stood there, not knowing what to say. She reached down and pulled her bikini bottom to the side and offered for me to see hers. It was the first I had ever seen, well, besides maybe in a magazine. I was surprised, and felt my heart beating staring at it. She ran her finger down between the slit and pushed it slowly toward her butt crack.. applying pressure on the way back up-her finger slightly disappearing into the slit as she pulled it back out of the top. I got closer to the edge of the bed and told her she could look at mine, but I was going to the bathroom if someone came in. She agreed, so I pulled my erect penis from my swim trunks. I remember it being the hardest it had ever been standing straight out pointing at her face.

She stared in awe, as if maybe it was the first she had seen. I was mesmerized by her finger slowly rubbing up and down her slit, up and down the soft lips. She asked if I rub mine. I told her I didn't, but it felt good to rub against the bed. She asked if I would do it for her. I knew because I was so hard, that it wouldn't take long, and at this point, I was so horny I had to. I laid down long ways on the bed, directly between her legs. I could still see how wet her bikini bottoms and legs were from swimming. I could smell the fragrance coming from between her legs as she moved her finger up and down her slit. Her legs were spread wide and her head was propped up on the pillow, staring down at me telling me how good it felt.

I bucked my hips against the bed slowly at first. She picked up rhythm rubbing, as did the movement of my hips. We did this for what seemed like forever (probably 30 seconds). I didn't know that she had an orgasm, but her legs closed, her knees hit together, her head flipped back... Her breathing was really heavy too. At that point, I lost it. I cummed all over the towel we were on. We both lay there for a second looking at each other breathing heavy. I was still focusing on her gorgeous pussy, studying the folds and the thick moist strings of what looked like saliva that now formed from the slit to her finger. I heard my friends voice outside, and I quickly came to my senses and ran to the bathroom to clean up.

I spent the rest of the summer grinding against my bed visioning her legs spread wide in front of me... what a summer it was, and what a mess I made on my sheets! There are a couple more stories about Julie I remember when I get time to write them.



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