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Hands-on Girlfriend

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When I masturbate, I often think about a Japanese girlfriend I had in college who couldn't keep her hands off me.


In college I was an English tutor. I met a Japanese girl that way, and soon we were dating. I'll call her Lisa. Since the apartment she shared with her roommate had air conditioning, I was over at her place all the time. She liked to watch TV because she said it helped her learn English. We'd sit sideways on a small bed they used for a sofa in the living room. I'd be comfortable in a pair of loose shorts with no underwear, and while we watched TV, she would slip her hand into my shorts and grab my cock, which stayed hard for as long as we sat there, up to hours at a time. I can't help but recall those Viagra commercials, 'If you have an erection lasting more than four hours...'

Often while doing this, her roommate (let's call her Pandora) would come home. Lisa and I would just keep watching TV (her hand letting go of my cock for a moment) while Pandora would chat with us before disappearing into her room. One time, she walked in just as Lisa and I had gotten up and were walking towards Lisa's room, and Pandora got an eyeful of my bulging shorts. When hard, my cock points straight upward like a telephone pole, so the tent it made was ridiculously apparent.

Lisa's older sister Barbara came to town one week, and the four of us rented a car and took a road trip all over New England. At hotels, I figured since the girls were wearing their lounging clothes of t-shirts and tiny girl shorts, I decided to wear my loose shorts as well with no underwear, which raised no eyebrows. When my cock was soft, you could plainly see its outline in these thin shorts, and when I walked across the room, my cock, always at half-mast around these cuties, would swing back and forth. I would try to see if anyone was looking at it, but I didn't want them to know that I saw them looking, so I had to be discreet about that. From time to time, I did notice all three of them sneaking a peek, which only made my cock swell even more. Of course when it was a throbbing hard-on, I didn't parade it around needlessly because I didn't want to go too far and spoil a good thing.

I should mention that Lisa was very cute, flat-chested but with huge nipples that she could never hide no matter what. Pandora was petite and also cute, with large funny-shaped breasts that were conspicuous for their jigglyness; I would have done anything to get my hands on them, but that wasn't to be. Barbara was plain-looking and frankly I can't even remember what she looked like.

One night, as soon as we checked into our room, I jumped into the shower, which had a clear vinyl curtain that was pretty much see-through. I was pumping my erect cock vigorously with soap when the door opened a little bit, and Lisa asked, 'Can Barbara come in and get something?' 'Uhh, sure!' I replied. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as Barbara came in, got her stuff, and quickly left, and yes-she peeked and without a doubt got an eyeful of my hard-on. I wonder what she thought?

That same night in bed (Lisa and I shared one bed, Pandora and Barbara the other), Lisa held my cock as we kissed as quietly as we could. The window between the beds had no curtain, so a full moon was streaming in, illuminating a bright diagonal stripe across our bed. When Lisa's grip turned into a full-on jacking off, I pulled my shorts down so she could get unfettered access to my rock-hard penis. I also pulled the sheet over to the side so I was not only exposed but my cock was lit up perfectly by the moonlight. Carefully, I turned my head slightly so I could see if Pandora, who was closest to me in the other bed, could see. I couldn't tell at first, but then I noticed her blink; that's when I realized her eyes were open and she was watching Lisa masturbate me. Adrenaline coursed through my body, causing my dick to become momentarily limp from fear. But as soon as it became evident that Pandora has no intention of turning on the light and shouting, 'What is that you are doing!?!', I was able to relax and take advantage of this special moment.

I turned my body slightly toward Pandora, then looked down to see what she could see, which was basically a spotlight on a girl's hand jacking off a throbbing hard cock. I reached behind me and started fingering Lisa, who surprisingly began to moan a little too loudly-surely Pandora could hear that. Did Lisa think she couldn't? Anyway, as I neared climax by breathing quickened and my body tensed up like a board. Lisa's hand was now wagging my cock back and forth, so when I did ejaculate, the cum was thrown all over my chest, face and the headboard, as well as across the room toward my feet. God knows there must have been ropes and ropes of it but the whole time I was cumming I couldn't keep my eyes off of Pandora's eyes, which were as large as Gollum's must have been when he spotted the One Ring gleaming in the dark.

As Lisa's and my climaxes subsided, she continued to hold my exposed dick until the moonlight was now illuminating my knees and not my groin. I figured I may as well sleep with my cock exposed, in case someone got to see it in the morning. Before I fell asleep, Pandora got up to pee, walking right past me twice and staring at my limp, cum-covered cock in the dim light.

I awoke after dawn and found I had covered myself, but quickly pulled the sheet to the side to expose my morning wood. Pandora got up once more before the alarm went off and got another look, but this time it was light in the room and my dick was unconcealed by either darkness or Lisa's hand.

The rest of the trip I was care-free about exposing myself in bed to Pandora, but that first night was the best. When I wank off now, I often replay that night in my mind.



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