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Jon, Jack, Tom and I

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First of all, some introductions. Jon is a friend of mine. We met through school. He is 6'1' and fairly skinny with brown eyes and curly brown hair. His brother Is Jack. At this stage Jack didn't go to our school but he did the next year. Jack was slightly taller than Jon, 6'2' (now 6'4'), was skinny and had brown eyes and straight brown hair down to his eyes. Tom is the shortest of the four. He is 5'7', solid and muscly with lighter hair and blue eyes. My name is James. I am 5'10' fairly muscly and the strongest of the four. I have brown hair and dark blue eyes. I am also the most experienced sexually with both boys and girls. Tom is next with mostly girls and one boy. Then Jon with one girl and Jack with no experience. Jack has never had another experience with a guy after this one but the others and I all have.

Jon and I were best friends as were Jack and Tom. The four of us had started hanging out a lot and had become a pretty tight group. We all played on the same football team. Jack was a right back, Jon and I were centre backs and Tom was a left back. Together we were the back four which made us even closer.

One night after an away game we were heading back to Jack and Jon's house for a sleepover. It was a hard game in the cold and rain so we were all tired and soaked. We all wanted to have the first shower and were mock fighting about it in the car on the way home. It was only a short car ride, about 20 minutes, until we got back.

We all went inside and came to a problem. 4 people, one shower. We decide to wrestle for it. Jon at first lost out to me and Jack to Tom. Jack and Jon then wrestled for third and Jack won. Then me and Tom wrestled for first shower. About a minute in Jack ran for the shower and stole the first one. Me and Tom were still wrestling when he got out so Jon went in next. Jack was in his room changing so it was just me and Tom wrestling. I found Tom rather attractive and I started to get hard. When I did, I tapped out and he asked me why as it appeared I had just given up. I shifted to try and hide my boner and he noticed. He then jumped on me and started mocking me. Then I realized that he was hard too. We heard Jack leave his room so Tom pecked me once on the lips and then sat on the couch. I was taken aback by that and sat there stunned. Me and Tom then had our showers and sat back down to watch a movie.

After the movie and tea we watched another movie then decided to go to bed. We began talking about all the things that went on at school and in town. Eventually we got on to the subject of girls and sex. This is when Jon boasted about the size of his dick. We all mocked him and called his bluff. Then he said he would prove it but only if we all did. Tom agreed straight away and looked at me. I quickly followed suit. Jack was a bit hesitant but finally agreed. Seeing as Jack had stolen the first shower we decide to make him show first. His dick was about 5.5' long and thin. Jon was next. His was about the same length but thicker and much hairier. He also had a much darker head. Both Jack and Jon were uncut. I was next. Also uncut my dick was 6.5' and between the thickness of Jon and Jack's dicks. Tom was next and I knew from out wrestling that he was bigger than you would expect for his size. He was just shy of 7' and the same thickness as Jon. Tom had won the size off and it was he who started the next step.

Tom asked me if he could touch mine. I agreed and this soon led to a mass session of feeling, examining and touch each other. Tom seemed to concentrate on my dick more than the others. Eventually we formed a circle and decided to stroke off. Tom suggested we each grab the cock to the right and stroke. This would mean that I would be stroking Tom, Tom would be stroking Jon, Jon would be stoking Jack and Jack was stroking me. We kept at it for 5 minutes before Jack came first. He shot so hard he got Tom's abs across the circle. Next to blow was Tom, my hand doing its job well. Tom came more than Jack but with less power. He reached the middle of the circle. I was next with a thrust no more than 10 seconds after Tom. I shot mostly up and it did an arc in the air and landed close to Tom's. Jon was the last to blow but he blew hard like his brother. He hit me in the chest then again in crotch. We cleaned up then went to bed.

Jack was in his room, Jon was in his room and me and Tom were sharing a queen bed in the guest room. As we were lying there we began talking about what had just happened. Tom said that he was hard and needed to go again. I was up for it and he sat up and straddled me. He grabbed our dicks together and started pumping away. He then leaned in and kissed me as he came in between us. This sent me over the edge and I blew my load all over us as well.

We had made a bit of a mess and so had to clean up. Tom suggested we shower together so I jumped up and climbed in and so did he. He grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him. He kissed me hard and I kissed back. I was already hard again and so was Tom. Our dicks were grinding together in the water and our bodies were pressing against each other. I then dropped my hand down to his dick and started stroking him once more. He returned the favour. This time took a little bit longer as we had already got off twice that night. After about 25 minutes (we lied and said we had taken two separate showers) we blew our loads together all over each other. We kissed some more, washed off and went back to bed.

We fell asleep in each others arms that night and in the morning we got off again. It started a long series of me and Tom sharing the joy of getting off. He had had other experiences now and so have I but we still come back to each other often to get off. We have also included Jon on a few occasions but Jack was not really keen to do it again. All four of us remain good friends and are currently at Jack and Jon's again. Hopefully a repeat may occur tonight. I shall post here again if it does. Fingers crossed.



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