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Jim Couldn't Keep His Hands off Me

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Jim and I were out just our second time. On this evening, he couldn't take his hands off me.


I'd dated quite a few boys but I'd never been through this before. I was on my second date with Jim and unlike our first night out, Jim started by putting his arm around my shoulder and then rubbing his hand up and down my bare upper arm. I could tell he was really enjoying this. Then, his hand went under my arm from behind and to the side of my tit. He started rubbing me there and squeezing on it telling me 'Ummm, that feels good'.

We got to the movie theater and he then had his hand on my thigh. I was wearing pants that night and he started running his hand all over my thigh and squeezing me. He again leaned over to me telling me 'That feels good. Next time I hope you wear a skirt'. This kept up and he leaned in again to my ear and ask 'You want to do the same to me'? I ask him 'Do what'? He said 'Touch me like this' as he squeezed my thigh again. I didn't feel real comfortable about it but reached over anyway putting my hand on top his thigh too. When I did this, Jim leaned to me again and said 'Ummm, don't stop'. I moved my hand up and down his thigh a few times and about that time Jim shifted in his seat. He again leaned to me and said 'Please go just a little bit higher'. I did and that was when I felt it. When my hand went on it, Jim still had his head against me and he let out another 'Ummmm' sound. Then, he moved his lower end pushing his hard penis against my hand. By now, I was beginning to get a little aroused too. I'd never touched a boy there before and it was getting to feel good doing this to him.

We kept this up until the movie was over. We got in Jim's car and Jim quickly went to rubbing his hand on my thigh again while moving his legs knee to knee over and over again. I could tell he was wanting to resume what we had started in the theater. So, I again put my hand on his thigh and slowly moved it up. When I did, Jim then moved down in his seat and spread his legs allowing me easy access to his penis. I touched it and the squeezed it. Jim again went to making his 'Ummm' sounds again. He then took his other hand and put it on mine and started running my hand up and down over his penis through his pants. He took his hand away and said 'Please don't stop' as he laid his head back. I continued the motion he showed me and he went to moving his hips up and down a little. He then put his hand back on mine moving it faster. Soon after this, he squeezed my hand real hard over his penis and let out a loud grunt. I could feel his penis contracting in my hand. He kept rocking his hips letting out more deep grunts. It was then that I could see this wet area show in his pants. It got bigger and bigger. I knew then that it was his sperm. He had cum in his pants.

Well, after this, we drove off and Jim took me home. He thanked me and we made another date. On the next date, he had talked me into wearing a skirt and he again couldn't keep his hands off of me. The first thing we did that evening was have me give him another hand job while he felt up my thighs. He couldn't get enough of this. I finally had to tell him no when he asked me out. All he wanted to do was this.



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