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Jess's Panties

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True story. This happened last summer.


I have a good friend named Jess that I've had a crush on for a long time. Jess is petite and really cute. She is about 5'2', has wavy dark blonde hair that goes past her shoulders, hazel-green eyes, she has really big and full lips, creamy white skin, and she wears thick plastic framed glasses and she always wears clothes that make her look really cute. She's an arts major, so she wears a lot of flannel shirts with skinny jeans or leggings. That kind of look. Her breasts aren't huge, and neither is her butt, but she's definitely a head-turner.

Last summer, Jess moved about an hour away to work at some random summer job she found in that town. She subletted a fairly nice (but small) apartment while she was living in that town. I drove up to visit her with a couple other friends one evening. Jess had just finished work, and we were hanging out in her apartment before we went out for dinner. I excused myself to use the washroom, hoping to find her laundry hamper. Jackpot. Tucked away in the corner was a full hamper with jeans, flannel shirts, tights, bras, and most importantly, panties. I had fantasized about Jess ever since I met her about two years ago, and even though she often flirted back with me, it never went anywhere. I sorted through her hamper quickly and I found a pair of plain off-white panties with lace around the waist near the top of the pile that seemed to be silk or a similar material. They weren't exactly warm, but when I looked in the crotch, it was still a little moist. The little pool of wetness was beginning to dry around the edges, but they were undoubtedly the pair she changed out of before we arrived at her place. I put them up to my nose and breathed in my first smell of her pussy. I was quite surprised at the way they smelled. That scent gave me goosebumps because not only did it smell good, it made me hard instantly. I was absolutely in heaven. I tasted the wet spot in the crotch and actually got a bit light headed. I suddenly realized where I was and quickly flushed the toilet and turned on the tap. I carefully folded and tucked her panties in my pocket and tucked my erection into my waistband to hide it. I came back out and we went to the restaurant. During our meal, I went to the bathroom twice and jerked off twice each time to the smell and taste of Jess's panties. I'll never forget that smell.

After dinner, we walked Jess back to her apartment and one of my other friends said she wanted to use the washroom before we left. I said I might as well go too so we all went back up. I let my friend go first and then when I went, it was all business. I took the panties out for one last time (I didn't want to take them with me in case Jess noticed they went missing) and smelled her glorious pussy scent for the last time as I was beating furiously. My eyes landed on the large family-sized body wash bottle in Jess's shower. It had an unusually large opening, so I quickly unscrewed the top and finished in there, relishing the thought that she would be rubbing my cum all over her body each time she showered. I came back out and we all hugged Jess before we left. As luck would have it, my hug angle with Jess was really awkward since I had sat down to tie my shoes. I ended up grabbing one of her boobs when she leaned over to hug my goodbye. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard her moan softly when I pressed my hand into her breast. It happened pretty fast so I'm not sure. But as Jess tried to recover from our awkward hug, she ended up brushing her other breast off of my hand, which was still around her side. She seemed embarrassed, but then she gave me a weird look. I stood up to give her a proper hug goodbye, and I swear she was pressing her boobs into me as hard as she could.

I spent several months regretting not taking Jess's panties with me while jerking off to that memory and fantasizing about what I wanted to do to her. Well last week, Jess and I were both at a mutual friend's party. That's a story for another time, but let's just say that sometimes fantasies really do come true...



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