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Jerking Off Responsibly

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I have a short but interesting story (or so I think). I think it would be nice if we could not be ashamed of masturbation. I think my mother helped me to have a good and proper attitude about it.

I grew up with just my mother and my sister. I guess you'd say my mother was very progressive. Here is what I mean. One day when I was masturbating in the bathroom my sister (2 years older) walked in. I thought I had locked the door but the doorknob had not caught all the way so she was able to just push the door open.

There I sat on the toilet bowl mid jerk, about to cum, when the door bursts open and she screams out "What the fuck are you doing with my lotion?" I had used her hand lotion as a lubricant and the open bottle was on the sink. I stopped and she shook her head at me. She grabbed the bottle of lotion and stepped out closing the door. "Finish up quickly; I need to get in there," she yelled.

I finished jerking off and cleaned up. I washed my hands and made sure all the semen was cleaned up. When I opened the door she was looking at me with a stern look. "Don't ever use my hand lotion anymore. That stuff costs me $15 a jar." She looked in the bathroom, "Did you clean everything up?" "I did" I replied.

A few hours later my mother came into my room. She had a plastic bag in her hand. She said "I heard what happened earlier today. You know, there is nothing wrong with masturbating, the only thing is you have to be considerate of others." I was very embarrassed by all this.

She opened the bag and handed me a plastic jar of Liquid Lube. She said "This is better than using a hand or body lotion. Just use this from now on and how about you do your masturbating in your room only? This way you don't accidentally get anything on the toilet or sink or something else in the bathroom since it's the only one in the house and we all use it, OK?" So I said "Sure, I'm sorry, I didn't realize the stuff Suzy had was so expensive. Should I offer to buy her more?" Mom answered "No, that is nice of you but if you just stop using it that would be good. Now when you run out of this lube just let me know."

So after that I would jack off in my room using the lube. It was much nicer than the hand lotion. My mom never made it awkward when I would go up to her with the empty bottle. She would just say "Your out, OK, I'll get some today". She also always kept a box of tissues in my room for me.



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