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Jane and I

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I met my friend Jane when I took my first job while still living at home when I was 23. Jane was almost 30 at the time & was back staying with her parents since she had separated from her husband at the time. They lived in a bungalow a few miles out of town on the highway. The backyard faced a wide open space making it very private. Jane's parents spent the winters in Florida leaving her by herself at the house. It was just after Christmas that I first found out what a joy it was to share my body & masturbation with a wonderful woman.

We were both still off work since the holiday landed on a weekend. Monday night Jane called me to invite me over to spend the night. I had no idea what was going to happen & I'm not sure if she did either but it sure was a wonderful discovery for me.

I arrived late afternoon & we spent some time just talking in front of the very warm fire. Jane had the house at tropical temperate that day, not that I would ever complain. I was dressed for winter that day & Jane was prancing around in a light top & tracks. It was the first time I ever saw her braless. She has a nice body, fairly toned & much larger boobs than I have. After a short time Jane popped a bottle of wine & suggested we go outside to the hot tub. I picked up my gym bag that I used for my overnight stuff & Jane told me not to worry about a suit. She pointed out the window asking me who was going to see us. She already had a few white fluffy towels by the back sliding doors. She slid her tracks off to the floor stepping out of them at the same time her top came off. She grabbed the towels & tossed one my way then picked up the wine & glasses telling me to follow her.

I just went along with Jane. I am comfortable with my naked body around women because I've been doing it since swim team days plus every day at the gym since age 17. We made our way quickly through the cold air to then folded back the tub cover & got right in. It was a great day even though it was dull & grey, we were outside & warm.

We talked about Jane's split with her husband quite a bit. Every now & then we got out & sat on the tubs edge to cool down. The day was getting dark & our bodies steamed in the cool night air. The wine & hot water worked like a truth serum for both of us. Jane told me that she & her husband used to meet with another couple and have sex together. I acted like it was no big deal even though I was shocked. While she told me about it she then gave a few vivid details of what she had done. She told me one of her biggest turn ons was to watch the other girl with the guys. She liked to see the girl & her husband screw doggie style while her husband received a blowjob. Jane told me the sight of the girl with a guy in both ends really made her excited. I asked if she ever did the same, then she really opened up.

Jane started to tell me things that I never would have believed she did. She told me the guys liked to watch the girls kissing & loving each other too. When Jane told me how the guys just sat back while she & the other girl licked each other she said it in a very longing voice like she missed doing it. I had no interest in other women ever & I still don't. Jane however made me feel very sexy & erotic. Her telling me these stories left my pussy wanting for touch.

We were both sitting on the tubs edge & the conversation went quiet. Jane crossed her legs & sat nice & straight looking at me. She said 'I want to look like you'. Confused I asked what she was referring to. She pointed at my clean pussy & said 'bald, I don't want any hair at all'. Jane kept a tuft of blonde pussy hair on the top, I could tell she shaved around her lips. She stood up & said we should go in now. Once inside when told me she would be right back. She came back sporting a completely shaved pussy just like mine.

I was wrapped in the towel still & Jane invited me to the fire to dry better. She was still naked & laid out both towels in front of the fire. There we were naked & horny & for the first time in my life I was feeling sexually attracted to a female. Jane laid on her tummy looking at me sitting facing her. She turned over showing her pussy & asked 'so what d'ya think'? I told her she looked great & should keep it that way. Jane was no doubt trying to make me feel aroused. She then paused & asked me a question. 'Do you know what I did while I watched the two guys having sex with the other girl'? 'I masturbated. I just sat there giving myself the most amazing orgasms because I know my own body'. She then asked me if I masturbated to which I answered truthfully, yes. A whole new conversation unfolded & it was not long before Jane asked me if I would be comfortable if she masturbated then & there. She said she would go in her bedroom if I was not but her pussy was needing her touch real bad.

I was so excited & I wanted to see her masturbate so with a quiver in my voice I said 'sure, I'm ok with you staying right here'. Jane asked for a pillow from beside me to put under her head. She wasted no time in masturbating. I sat watching her nice body wiggle & move while her fingers flicked back & forth over her freshly shaven lips. He large boobs jiggled & rolled around making for a nice show. I wanted to join in so badly but I felt like I would be intruding on her. Jane soon reached orgasm. I could tell she was getting closer & closer. Jane's orgasm had a very long climbing period. She climbed the wall of orgasm for a long time. I thought a few times she was actually finished but then her voice & shaking body gave into more spasms of orgasm. Once she was finished she laid with her arms over her head & eyes closed. I sat silent watching her chest draw in deep breaths & push them back out. Each time she drew another breath I could see the outline of her ribcage under her large breasts.

Jane soon turned to me & smiled. She asked if I was still ok. I answered I was very ok & loved watching her orgasm. Not moving from where she was she said just what I wanted to hear. 'Why don't you do it now'? 'Sure' was all I said. I sat back on the floor with my back to the fire facing Jane. I opened my legs wide with my right foot touching Jane's shoulder. She reached up & began to softly stroke my toes while I rubbed my throbbing clit. The night had made me so horny & I needed to orgasm & more than just one! I never stop at just one! I could see the firelight dancing off my skin as my fingers moved over my clit. I knew I would only be a few moments before & came hard. Just that light soft touch on my toes was enough to make me feel connected with Jane. Soon I said 'here it is, I'm coming now' and I exploded with one of the most remarkable orgasms I ever had. Spasms of orgasms ripped through me. I can sometimes extend an orgasm with light touches then I'll pause for maybe 30 seconds & go over the top again. I did it about 6 times in a row that night! Wow, what a rush it was! Jane was rubbing my leg & telling me how sexy I looked telling me not to stop. 'Keep it up girl' she said & that made me go for it more. When I was done I had a very odd feeling come over me almost like something was wrong with me. I had no energy left & all I could do is sit there with my back to the couch drawing deep breaths.

I sat with my eyes closed then I felt Jane's touch on my skin. Her hands were caressing my body very softly & slowly. She kissed my lips ever so soft then whispered in my ear to rest for a while. Jane moved my body to lay on the floor by the warm fire. She stroked my hair & forehead while talking sexy to me. 'I love your long lean body' she said while running her hands over my tummy & nipples. I have almost no boobs when I lay down but my nipples are very long. She pulled gently on my long nipples. 'I like your youthful lean body & long nipples' she said. ' I can see how beautiful each curve looks in the firelight.' 'I love your tight tummy.' She made me feel like a woman. Everybody always tells me I'm too skinny but she made me feel sexy like a woman should. 'Now you rest while I orgasm again for you'.

Jane's pussy was very close to my face. I could hear her expert fingers flicking over her clit making a quiet slapping noise. I turned to watch her fingers so close to my face. It was a short while again then her orgasm engulfed her body with spasm after spasm of that wonderful feeling. For the first time in a long time I could not do it again. I told Jane I wanted to orgasm again but I just couldn't do it. Then for the first time ever I felt a woman's touch on my clitoris. Jane told me 'all you have to do is say yes & I'll make you feel good'. I looked at her & said 'yes'.

Jane's fingers were perfect. It was like she knew just the right spot to touch & when. I kept my eyes on her & she would look up from her job to mine & smile then right back to work making sure she was doing it just right. Soon she had me climbing to another great orgasm. I told her again 'here it comes' then bang! The feeling of orgasm & thought of Jane masturbating me was more than I could handle. I had an orgasm as hard as the first one. Jane knew just how to bring me to orgasm & how long to stop before softly rubbing my clit again through the next wave of orgasm allowing me to have at least 5 in a row. As I laid sucking in deep breaths of air I felt like I had been loved more than I had by any man before. There was something about Jane's touch that drove my wild & made me so comfortable at the same time.

That was one of the best nights of my life. The next morning Jane & I had another masturbation session although it was me touching me & her touching her. Still it was very sexy & fun. We had other nights & day of masturbation time together & each one was very special to us both. We may have had 10 or 12 in total & I remember each one. Some were not so fantastic but others were just as great as the first.

Jane & still remain friends today although we both have guys now & the time we spend together is never sexual any more. I would love to go away for a weekend with her & see if we can rekindle that night but it may never happen. When it did it was great & at least I have the vivid memories still etched deep in my mind.

Thank you all for reading.



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