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Jacking off Naked in Front of Sis!

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Fantasy finally came true !


About the mid eighties I sat naked next to my younger sister and enjoyed her looking at my erect penis, but it was dark in the house and she did not have her glasses on. She really didn't see my penis that well. Afterwards I also wished I had jacked off in front of her then rather than later in my wife's and my bed room.

For many years I tried getting my sister to let me be naked around her but she refused my requests. Up until very recently I had fantasised about this, wrote several letters I never mailed, etc... This week she came here to visit. I turned 56 and she turned 54 within a week of each other. I had many private moments with her in which to tell her all my life-long sexual stories and fantasies. She was a very good listener and completely non-judgmental towards me. I told her I played with myself and had done so all my life. I told her I loved going naked at every opportunity. I told her I wanted her to see me naked, I wanted to see her naked or at least topless, and I'd love to play with myself while she watched, and would really enjoy her playing with me. She would not let me see her nude or even topless, but I did enjoy her being braless with her 44 EEE size breasts!

Whenever I approached her with the suggestion she looked at my penis and she'd refuse. Finally on the last night of her stay with us I just stood in front of her facing away, dropped my jeans (no underware) and gave her my bare butt to look at. She was fine with that so I was encouraged. I had explained to her about my not being circumcised and asked her if she'd like to see my non-circumcised penis. She gave that some thought and only half heartedly refused to let me show her. So this morning as she was preparing to pack her things for leaving I decided to go for it, I entered her room where she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I stood directly in front of her in the full daylight, unfastened and dropped my pants, stepped out of them, and stood bare naked in front of her telling her I wanted her to look at me. She did!

She sat there looking right at my cock. I told her to look at my scrotum and I moved my testicles around so she could get a good view. I asked if she could see my balls and she said yes, she could see them. I told her to look at my cock as I pulled the foreskin down over the head then pulled it back behind the head. I did this a few times so she'd really see what it looked like. Then I wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly worked the foreskin back and forth over the head and shaft explaining this was how I masturbated. Then I worked my hand faster as I told her I was going to jack off in front of her. I came in seconds, she watched me orgasm and ejaculate a pool of semen into my left palm. This was the most awesome feeling I've ever had! In full daylight I stood square in front of my two years younger sister, bare ass naked, showing her my sack and balls, showing her how I played with myself, and actually got to jack off right in front of her and let her see me come! It was the best birthday for both of us!

I hope next time she'll get naked with me and she'll play with my cock and balls and give me a handjob! What a sister! I love her! She let me be naked and jack off in front of her, wow!

I'll be jacking off to this memory for years to cum! I hope she'll remember too! And let me do it again!



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