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Jacking for the Girls Next Door 2

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I love being nude in front of women with their clothes on


Like I was saying the girls came back over and brought a couple of friends the next day. I saw them come home and they called me soon after they got there. When I answered Melissa said, 'We brought some friends over that want to see you jackoff.' There was all kinds of laughter and joking around in the background about seeing my fat dick and seeing me squirt my stuff. I told Melissa to come on over. As they came in and Melissa introduced us I saw they had really nice asses and great tits. I had a pair of my see through shorts on and the girls eyes were all over my cock and balls. I already had on woman's ponytail bands as cock rings so my cock was really hard and swollen and straining to get out of my shorts. I keep my cock balls and butt clean shaven so the girls can see it much better. Julie said, 'Your dick looks like it needs some attention. Are you going to give us a nice show?' All the girls laughed. One of the other girls, Nancy, whispered something to the other one, Carol. Melissa said, 'No fucking whispering. Tell us all what you said.' Nancy said, 'I told Carol he has a big dick. I know I could never put anything that big in my little kitty, but it's making my kitty all hot and wet just looking at it.'

Melissa asked me if I could take my shorts off so the girls could get a good look at my cock. I said all the girls had to promise they would never tell anyone about this. They all made their solemn promise. I gladly complied with her request and dropped my shorts to the floor. The t-shirt was next and I was butt naked in front of the girls. I love being naked in front of women with their clothes on. It is so erotic. Julie asked me if the girls could play with my cock and balls and I said that would be great. They all sat down in the living room and I went up to each of them and stood next to them and let them fondle my cock and balls. Carol said, 'Your dick is so hard and fat. Doesn't it hurt? Do those rings around your dick and balls hurt?' She was playing with my cock and balls with both hands and I told her it hurt a little butt her hands made it feel great. After Nancy had her turn playing with my cock she said, 'Are you going to let us watch you masturbate? Melissa said you were going to do that for us.'

I invited them into my computer room and pulled up the Solo Touch web site and we started reading the stories. I wrapped my left hand around my cock and put some lube on my cockhead. I pumped my hand up and down to get the lube spread all over and the girls watch what I was doing. I told the girls I liked to call it jacking off not masturbating. Nancy asked, 'Do all guys jackoff like this? How often do you jack yourself off? Do you like to have a girl jack you off?' I told them I didn't know how other guys jacked off and that most guys lie about jacking off but they all do it. I told them I jack myself off everyday and sometimes on my day off I would do it four or five times and that I loved having a girl jack me off. I said a young girl's hands are so soft and warm. Julie told the girls that what I loved the most was being watched or caught jacking off. She told them how they first saw me and came in and busted me. I told them that I had planned it to happen like that and Julie said, 'But we did surprise you when we came in, didn't we?' I admitted that they had surprised me but thinking about them watching me is what made me cum so hard.

I was stroking my cock all the time we were talking and it was feeling so good. I turned my hand over so my palm was facing down and started stroking my cock that way. My whole palm goes back and forth over the top of my cockhead and with all that surface area my cock really starts to tickle. Carol asked if she could play with my balls and I said of course. Carol was massaging my balls and she said, 'Nancy, I know what you mean. My kitty is burning up and my pants are soaked.' Melissa said, 'My pussy is soaked every time I come over here. He has such a great looking cock. I have asked him to fuck me but he always says no. Why do you say no? Aren't I good enough for you? You know my pussy would be really tight?' I told her she was too good for me. I said I was just a dirty old man and didn't want to make her feel dirty. Nancy asked me to turn my hand back over so they could see my cock better. I did as I was asked and the girls said they loved how shinny my cock looked. My cockhead was really swollen now and bright purple.

I took my hand off my cock and it was jumping with my heartbeat. There was a large stream of pre-cum leaking out of my cockhead. The next thing I knew Nancy had her hand wrapped around my cock and was stroking away on it. All the pre-cum provided plenty of lube and her little hand moved up and down smoothly. Her little hand did not even reach all the way around my cock. She said, 'Look at how all the veins are popping out. Melissa, I can't believe I'm doing this. I love the way his cock feels in my hand.' She had total control over me now but she didn't know it. Melissa told her she had done that before and she knew what she meant. She said they were going to love it when I squirted. Nancy wrapped her other hand around my cock and was jacking me with both hands. I was doing everything I could to try to last longer but her soft hands sliding over my cock was doing me in. I knew I was going to cum any second now.

I was moaning and fucking my cock up into Nancy's hands. Julie said, 'Come on Nancy, jack that cock and make him blow his load.' That was it. I was done. I felt my cum coming from all the way down in my ass as my ass muscle strained to pump out my cum. I exclaimed out load 'I'm gonna cum.' And I started squirting. The first one landed on my stomach and the next one Nancy aimed at her leg and got a big glob on her. Then the cum was just flowing out all over Nancy's hands as she kept stroking me, down my balls and all over Carol's hand. Nancy just kept stroking me and the tickling in my cock was almost unbearable. I heard Melissa say, 'Taste his cum girls.' Nancy and Carol looked back and forth at each other and at Melissa and they both licked some off their hands and said they liked the taste. We all agreed that we should do this again and soon. Next story



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