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Love to Masturbate for her - One of Life's Spices

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A little introduction and sharing. I usually do not share with this degree of honesty but it is relatively anonymous and I enjoy doing it. Something as hidden and as sexual as masturbation is refreshing to discuss. I am not bad to look at and am in good shape for my age. Have all my hair and it is salt and pepper. I Exercise regularly and eat right and still have a wonderful sex drive. I am 6' 200lbs have a 34" waist. I think women that masturbate are hot and I think masturbation in general is erotic.


I read where in puritanical New England that homosexuals, blasphemers and masturbators were put to death. Wow! Talk about your sexual repression! I would have been put to death before I reached 15! I'm sure I'm like every guy and gal on this site, I like to masturbate and have been masturbating since puberty. I enjoy everything about masturbation, how others masturbate, how often, what they like.
I am married for over 30 years and my wife and I have a good sex life. It got a lot better when I told her that I masturbate. That I masturbate in every relationship, I masturbated a lot when we were dating and having sex and that I masturbate in our marriage.
She told me that she knew already and it was fine. She even was turned on thinking about me masturbating. I told her when and how often I was masturbating and she told me that she masturbates occasionally. I love that kind of open sexual communication! What a turn on!
I used to masturbate before work in the shower because it was enough time where I could be ready to have sex with her that evening if she desired. I stopped doing that a couple years ago and now I masturbate in bed at night in her presence.
Being watched masturbating is one of my sexual fantasies and she has made that one come true. Night before last we were talking and she asked me if I needed some "me" time later that evening and I told her that of course I was going to masturbate and she was invited! Privacy has gotten a little tough to come by with my kids and grandkids spending the night but I always find the time. She is inhibited because the grandkids are in the house so it has not turned into sex lately, but she says that she get's sexual satisfaction by watching me. I am really horny because the thought of getting naked with her is one of the things I love to do. I show her my body as I get dressed or undressed, out of the shower or whenever I get the chance. I enjoy when she looks at me and tells me I'm hot. It makes all the work I put at the gym and eating right worth while in those few words! Now I'm ready.
I have a couple shirts that I ejaculate on and do not wear in public. I put one on and slip into my sweats. I turn the lights down and the mood is set with our door locked and the TV on. I lie down on my side of the bed next to her with both our heads propped up. I start to let my hand drift down to my penis. First touching myself through my sweats then slipping my hand underneath my sweats and underwear and massaging my penis. I slip my sweats and underwear off at the same time along with my socks as I lift my legs while lying on my back. I let them drop on the side of the bed. Now I am naked from the waist down. She likes to watch me grow and get erect so I lose the clothes. I think it is all part of the experience for her and any woman, watching a man masturbate from soft to ejaculation. I play with myself just like I had for so many years all by myself alone to get erect. Gently rubbing and kneading my penis as it grows, paying more attention to the top to get erect.
Now I am erect and I show her my full size against the TV light as I hold myself up from the base of my erection. I am as long as her vibrator "but thicker" she said. She said that I would not want me up my ass, that is why we do not have anal, but that is another subject.
When I masturbate in private I masturbate to ejaculate which I can do in about a minute or two of good rubbing. When I masturbate for her I take my time, I play with my balls, I let myself moan when I ejaculate, I play with my butt. I go about 10 minutes and we both are talking dirty to each other. I tell her I want to fuck her and need her to suck my cock. How her mouth and vagina feel so good and please can I cum inside you? She tells me how good I look with my cock in my hand and it must feel really good. That she would be doing the same thing if she had a penis so she doesn't blame me for masturbating. I tell her how good it would feel to have her lips wrapped around my cock and that I do not know how she can resist! Some times I get a blowjob before I ejaculate which is the best! Most of the time she stops me and we have sex, but on the times I masturbate to ejaculation in front of her I get the best orgasms! They almost feel like orgasms do inside her! My hips thrust up off the bed with every ejaculation, I ejaculate 4-5 times, you can hear my semen hitting my shirt as I ejaculate. Sometimes I can hear my semen hit the pillow next to my ear I have such a strong orgasm. It feels so good! The last time I ejaculate I grip my penis and hold my hips up in the air for a few seconds simulating that final thrust inside her vagina. I let my semen flow down my hand. Then I fall limp on the bed spent and my left hand still a hold of my penis now milking it clean.
I can hear her in the background saying" Now that is so hot! You are so hot! My smooth masturbator!" What an enjoyable way to masturbate! I love our sex and love that my wife knows and accepts my masturbation.
The next day when I do my laundry I check to see how strong I ejaculate on my shirt and most times it goes right up to my neck. She says it is disgusting but it solves the semen clean up problem that always accompanies male masturbation. I am horny again today and I think I need some "me" time again tonight. Thought I would share.



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