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Jacked off by a Young Woman

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I had something happen to me yesterday that today seems so unreal that I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

I live in a rural area in the South that is about 10 miles from a small town. Yesterday I had to run to town to take care of some business at the bank. About a half-mile out of town I met a girl walking in the direction from which I had just come. She waived and so did I. I recognized her as the daughter of this younger couple who lives about four miles past where I live. Her name is Cindy and she is around 18 or 19 years old. She just graduated from high school this past year. I know that because I got an invitation from her. My wife sent her a check for $50.

Anyway, my business at the bank only took a couple of minutes and I was on my way back home. I figured if Cindy was still walking I would offer her a ride. I enjoy seeing her because she is a cute girl with a body that would make any man take notice. Hell, I may be 71 years old but I ain't dead. As luck would have it, I was less than a mile from town when I spotted Cindy walking. I pulled up and asked her to hop in and I would give her a ride. She was very happy not to have to walk.

I told her how good she looked and we started talking. It seems she had gone to town with her boy friend and they got into it and she got pissed at him and got out of the car. He apparently cursed her and told her to 'walk her ass home.'

She got so mad telling me about it that she started crying and when she did she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and told her it would be O.K. I told her she was better off without him. I also made some comment about young guys and how they behave. I said they do not know how to appreciate girls and have no idea how to make them feel like women.

When we got close to my house she said she would walk the rest of the way. I told her she would do no such thing because I planned to take her home. When I said that she smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She also said she never thanked me for sending her the money when she graduated. I told her the kiss on the cheek was thanks enough.

I continued complementing her on her looks and she really liked that. She had on a skirt and sweater and her skirt kept riding up and I was seeing more leg. The ole dick began to stir and was starting to get hard. I made no attempt to hide it. Cindy noticed it. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said are you getting excited? I assured her I was. Her comment was, 'Gosh I didn't know men your age could get, ugh, well you know, get, you know, was interested in girls.' I said, 'Cindy men my age are very interested in girls, especially one as young as you.' She said, Really?' I told her that the older I got the better young women looked to me.

We were almost to her house when she suddenly said, 'Keep going past my house. Don't stop there because I want to properly thank you for the gift you gave me and I am going to thank you for the ride home.' I said, 'Just being in the truck with you is thanks enough but if you insist.' We went about a mile past her house and pulled into this old driveway where a house used to be located. I pulled in past some bushes and turned my truck around so I would be headed out. I cut the motor off and said O.K., here we are.

Cindy moved over close to me and put her hand over my crotch. She asked me if I would like a hand job. I assured her anything she gave me would be fine with me, but I told her I sure didn't want her mom or dad to find out about this. Anyone else for that matter. She said, 'I'm sure not going to tell anyone and if anyone finds out about it, it will have to come from you.'

She started unzipping my pants. After she had my fly open I asked her if she would show me her big beautiful tits. She said sure and within a flash she was bare from the waist up. OMG what lovely titties she has. Big, firm with no sag at all and big stiff nipples just begging to be sucked. And suck I did. Cindy asked if there was anything else I would like to see. I told her that I didn't know if you knew this or not but when a woman gets older her pussy does not get as wet as it does when she is young. I said I would like one more time in my life to see and play with a wet juicy pussy. Cindy said, 'Mine is wet now.' Within seconds she was totally naked. She leaned back against the truck door and spread her legs giving me a full view of her hairy pussy. She even reached down and spread her pussy lips. What a wonderful site. I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy. I leaned over and started playing with her pussy and that thing got so wet. A dream come true. A wet pussy.

By that point my dick was out and it was harder than it had been in months. I stuck my finger inside her vagina. I could tell Cindy had had sex before because she was not a virgin but Oh was it tight. I could see her little clit sticking out from it's hood and I started massaging it with my fingers. I was going to give this young thing an orgasm. And it didn't take long for her to cum. Pretty soon her legs clamped together and she came and came hard. Her pussy gushed juice when she came. As we say in the South, I was in hog heaven with that young pussy. After I had made her cum two more times I told her I had something I wanted her to touch and play with. My hand was soaking with with her pussy juice so I rubbed in all over my dick and said, 'There it is.' Cindy was very impressed. She put her hand on it and said, 'My gosh you are huge.'

I have always been well endowed. Fully hard I measure nine inches. Cindy said she had never seen a dick that big. Her eyes showed her excitement. I had made a comment earlier about her clit and she said, 'Boys my age don't even know a girl has one.'

She took my dick in both hands and started playing with it. I reached over and got her panties and took a sniff. The smell of her pussy was enough to make any man shoot his load. As she played with my dick I reached over and ran my fingers over her pussy and started licking the pussy juice from them. I told her how good she smelt and how good she tasted.

My dick was lubricated with her slick juice and she started jacking it. If it had been my wife she would have had to jack me so long that her arm would have gotten tired but with this girl I knew she could make me cum pretty quick. I was right. I warned her that I was about to shoot off. When I did she leaned over with her face close to my dick and opened her mouth as if she wanted to catch my cum in her open mouth. She may have been surprised because I don't shoot that much cum nor does it shoot as far as it used to. A little will squirt out but mostly it just dribbles out. It was enough to get her hand wet.

After we cleaned up and she got her clothes back on I explained to her that men don't shoot as much cum when they get older and I said, 'It won't shoot half way across a room like it once did.'

After my dick was soft and back in my pants and Cindy was dressed, she leaned over and kissed me half on the cheek and half on my lips and said, 'You are the sweetest man I have ever met. I wish boys my age knew how to act.' I said, 'They will one day, you just have to give them time to mature and grow up.'

I drove Cindy back to her house. There was no one at home so when we got there she scooted over and gave me a big hug and thanked me for bringing her home. I thanked her. I explained to Cindy that she had no idea how happy she had made me that day. She said, 'It was only a hand job.' I told her that for a man my age to just be around and to be able to look at a girl her age was exciting. I said, 'You can give me just a hand job any time you want.' Cindy said, 'I may just do that.' She smiled and walked toward her house, turning to wave bye to me.

Girls, do you realize just how happy you can make an old man? For the first time in years I felt like a young stud and all it took was an eighteen year old girl jacking me off. And, I hope it will not be the last time that I get, 'just a hand job.'



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