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The Next Step

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I have not been active here lately, but felt the need to write this.  This is the story of a previous relationship. While we are no longer together, it was an amazing step.  Below you will read of Holly and I's first sexual exchange via mutual masturbation.  I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.


I awoke starring at Holly's beautiful figure lying next to me in bed. She was clad in a large tshirt and panties, her usual nightly attire. I thought about how lucky I was. Holly was a beautiful young woman; 5 foot 6, blonde, blue eyes, athletic body, with double D breasts and an amazing figure. I myself am 5 foot 10, lanky but athletic build. We had flirted until we had begun dating, and now she had innocently slept with me over the weekend.  She stirred awake and kissed me good morning and smiled, and I responded by slipping my hands under her tshirt and cupped her breasts, which she always loved. Without hesitation, she quickly sat up and slipped off her tshirt, and in my hesitation and awe of her beauty, she grabbed mine and pulled mine off, too.  There she sat in my bed; naked but for her sky blue panties, with her breasts falling so naturally.  She got a mischievous look on her face and said "Letís get naked". We had spent time naked before, but that was the extent. Neither of us believed that nudity was inherently sexual, and both wanted to be in awe of the others' body as we would cuddle.  I stripped my shorts off, my erection already beginning. I grabbed the wasteland of her panties and told her to lift up her bottom, and as she did I slid her remaining garment down her beautiful toned legs.  After casting them aside, we kissed deeply and wrapped one another up in our arms.

After several minutes of chatting I paused and asked "how far are you willing to go sexually?" We had agreed on no intercourse until we were truly in love, and while we were well on the way, we did not want to rush anything.  After a brief moment of consideration, she said "I'm ready to move things forward with you. What do you want to do?" I replied "I'd like to touch you" and her face lit up. "Perfect!" she responded with a smile. She kissed me again, and lay back on the bed. I lay parallel to her, so we could remain face-to-face. 

I began by rubbing both nipples one at a time, making them hard and erect. As I did this, she let out a slow moan filled with beginning pleasure.  I then licked her left nipple and sucked, warranting a warm "Mmmm" from Holly. I then began to move my hand slowly over her flat abdomen, and down to her freshly shaven pubic mound.  Goosebumps rose on Holly's body as my cold hands came in contact with her labia, which she smiled and giggled from.  I began by palming her labia, working in gentle circles, and followed up by focusing pressure where her clitoris was hidden beneath her lips.  Holly then reached out with both hands and grasped my arm, telling me to keep going.  I continued this briefly, and noticed that I was fully erect with anticipation.  Continuing, I slipped two fingers down the slit of her labia, which earned a shallow gasp of approval from Holly.  I slowly slid my fingers down her lips, following the ever-growing wetness. Finally, I could feel the warm and wet beginning of her vaginal opening. As if through telepathy, Holly and I looked at one another, the desire apparent on her face. I kissed her and slowly slid my middle and ring fingers of my left hand into her vagina, feeling her walls part for my now intruding fingers.  I was amazed at how wet she was, as well as by all of the textures of her vagina. This was the first time I had penetrated a vagina in any form, save for a brief clitoral fingering in my past, but this was completely different.  I began slowly feeling the lubricated ridges and structure inside her body, and watched as Holly's eyes rolled back in her head with ecstasy.  After a few moments of exploring, I felt a smooth, but rounded surface. I had found her cervix, much to my surprise, and Holly affirmed my discovery. I withdrew my fingers slightly, returning to the front wall of her vagina, and focused on using my "come here" motion.  Finally, I set into a rhythm. While doing this, I noticed Holly's hips were establishing a rhythm with my fingers, accompanied by a growing expression of pleasure and urgency on Holly's face.  I began to Increase my speed, and Holly kept pace, beginning to pant.  Doing so, she squeezed my arm tighter. As I continued to quicken, as did her breathing and she had begun to moan, "Ooohhh.....MMMmmmm" she exclaimed, "Keep....doing that!!!" She said panting. I did as instructed, and suddenly everything happened at once! She let out a gasp, her hips began bucking and pressed into my hand off of the mattress, and squeezed and pulled on my arm until she left handprints around my forearm and wrist!! She looked as though she would scream, yet no sound left her mouth but sporadic, broken, pleas of pleasure "Aaaahhh!!!....Mmmm....ooohhhh....!!!!".  Finally, she came down to earth, panting, with a look of amazing bewilderment on her face.  We looked at one another, and she fiercely pulled me close to her and kissed up my shoulder and neck.  We both smiled, and held each other briefly, but Holly interrupted and said "I want to make you cum!"

I could not deny how badly I wanted it. "Ok, but I'll be honest....I like lube" I replied. "I understand" Holly said, knowingly. I rose up (erection standing straight out), and opened a drawer to remove my lubricant which had served me so well.  Holly held out her hand eagerly as I lay back next to her and squirted some into her hand.  Wasting no time Holly grasped my cock with her lubed hand and spread it along my shaft and on the tip of my penis.  "Don't be surprised if I cum quickly, I'm really turned on."  I decided to lay back and enjoy what she was about to do. I warned, earning me a kiss and another amazing smile. Her method was simple: she gripped my hardness with a circled thumb and forefinger, and began the classic up-down motion. I saw stars. The sexuality of the moment radiated through me, and it felt as if electricity was surging through my throbbing appendage from my testicles to my tip. "That feels really good" I whispered to Holly". No sooner had I said it, I could feel my orgasm beginning.  I reached over and squeezed Holly's leg and muttered quickly, almost unintelligibly, "I'mgonnacum!" As I did so, my climax hit full force, as I squeezed her leg harder and sent ropes of cum flying up my torso and onto my chest, Holly continuing to work my cock, intensifying every individual squirt of semen.  I finally returned, panting, and Holly finishing my sensual massage with ever-slowing strokes. Her hand was covered in a combination of lube and cum.

I pulled her close and we kissed deeply, and both smiled. I could see she wanted to say something. "What?" I asked.  "You gave me my first orgasm" she responded giddily. "I finally know what one feels like!" she continued in laughing excitement. We finished and cleaned up, knowing that there would be many more similar encounters in the very near future. Although we have parted ways, I hold fast to this memory as a new step in my sexuality.   



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