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I've Got Hair!

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A long time ago


My father's friend came to stay a few days at our house, along with his 14 (almost 15) yr. old son. Within minutes of their arrival, he said he had to change and invited me into the room that he would share with his father. I was trying to not look at him as I thought that would make him uncomfortable. Then, out of the blue, he pulls his waistband down and says, 'Look, I've got hair!' (He was an only child.) He did indeed, strawberry blond, and although I didn't see anything more then, I decided that, before he left, I would get him naked, and see the rest of the package.

That night after supper, I invited him to walk with me over to a golf course near our house. We were laying on the first green, looking up at the stars, when I confided that he had really surprised me by showing me his pubic hair. I told him that I had hair too, if he wanted to see mine. He sat right up and eagerly said, 'Yeah!' I said, 'First, I want to see what else you have in your pants. If you let me take off all your clothes first, I'll let you take off all mine.' He reached to start unbuttoning his shirt, and I stopped him. I told him that I was going to undress him. I started with his shoes-unlacing them and pulling them off. Then I unbuttoned his shirt while he laid on his back.

I opened the shirt and rubbed his chest and stomach with my hands. Then I had him sit up and took his shirt all the way off, placing it so he could lay on it. I noticed that he had ample hair in his armpits. Then I put my hand on his cock to feel it. It was very hard. I was glad to know that he was so excited by this, because the only reason that I was so bold, was because of what he had done earlier. Otherwise, I would have never suggested any kind of sex play. I unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled his zipper down. I reached in and felt him up some more inside his pants. I was impressed! He felt like he was bigger than I was, and I was six inches (yes, I had measured).

I had him lift up his butt so I could pull his pants down and took them completely off. I then went back and felt up his hard dick some more, realizing that I was so hard that it almost hurt. I told him to stand up, and then I slowly pulled down on his underwear, first exposing his butt, his pubic hair, with his boner very prominent off to the side. Finally, I released the beast and pulled his underwear all the way down and had him step out of them. I cupped his big balls and gently stroked his cock, and told him that I was impressed. He said that he was going to 'shoot off' but he wanted to get me naked first. I had no idea what he meant by 'shoot off' but I just nodded and said ok. He moved much quicker that I did.

First he went right for my dick and eagerly felt me up, smiling when he realized that I was pretty big for 13. Then he stripped off my shirt as quickly as he could, and pulled my pants and underwear down together. I was wearing sandals, so it was easy to step out of my clothes. It was exciting being naked with another guy outside (even though it was night, and no one was around.) He fondled my balls, stroked my cock, and told me that as soon as he saw me, he wanted to get his hands on my cock. Then he laid down and said, 'Do me.' I didn't know what me meant, so I just started playing with his cock, but not with any purpose. He said, 'No, like this.' And he showed me how to stroke it.

So I started to stroke it the way he showed me. He had one hand on my cock, stroking me, while I was kneeling beside him, stroking him. It felt really good, and I was wondering how long we were going to do this, when all of a sudden I felt his cock swell a little and he started to shoot his stuff. He hit himself on the forehead, on the neck and shoulders, and on his chest. I was wondering what that stuff was, but didn't want to seem ignorant. I was very impressed with the display. He then sat up and started to work on me some more. It felt sooo good, but I had to pee real bad, and I was about to tell him that, when all of a sudden I saw the same stuff shoot out from my dick, hittin him in the face and chest.

It was so awesome, my legs got wobbly, and I had to sit down. Wow! That was really good, I told him. (I had gotten naked outside before, and enjoyed feeling the breeze on my erection, but I didn't know you could do more.) Well we did something every single day that he was there. When we went to the beach we swam out to where a boat was anchored, and then I pulled off his swimsuit and stroked him until he came in the water. After he had left, I revisited the green at the golf course and did a solo performance in memory of my first time!



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