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It Was Easy

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All I had to do was ask...and I got the best hand job ever!!!


It was easy. I'd dreamed of letting Justin jack me off for months, ever since he playfully offered. We see each other almost every week, when we meet for a charitable group. He's bi, I learned from another in the group, and then from him. It just kind of slipped out in the conversation, when we went out for something to eat, he made a joke about hot dogs or something and then said, 'oh, you need someone to give you a really good hand job, with mustard, like this dog.'

I couldn't get it out of my mind after that. I like him. He's handsome, smooth skinned, and very graceful. I dreamed of how his hand would feel on my cock, and always it felt soft and strong. So many mornings I woke up thinking of it, and masturbated in my bed, feeling his hand on my belly while the other held my cock.

Over the holidays, our group met at my place. He came late and hadn't eaten. I offered to make him something after everyone left, and I did. I thought of hot dogs, but all I had was soup. We talked, and I felt more and more nervous as I realized that.....I wanted to pull down my pants and give him my cock.

I would have been really hard, but I was almost shaking, and I must have been blushing, too. He ate like normal...perhaps he didn't even notice, I don't know. Maybe he didn't even remember what he said, and maybe it was just my imagination. Maybe he wouldn't want to feel my cock, after all.

I had to try and find out, but my brain was frozen....

'Ah, I wish I had hot dogs for you, haha. Remember when we went out?'

'Oh, yeah, I do.'

'Are you bi?'


'So, when you said I needed a hand-job like the hot dog, I guess you meant it?'

He laughed.

'Did I say that? How forward of me! And yeah, I meant it.'

Gulp. The rest is a blur. I asked if he wanted to come into the living room, and I just pulled down my pants and sat on the sofa and my cock just sprung out so fast. I held it out for him. I remember waiting, it felt like forever, for him to move, and then finally he stepped over, sat next to me, leaned down and put his hand on my cock.

Oh my god! He was holding me. Hard. I could hardly breath I was so excited. And then, just like I'd dreamed a hundred times, he rested his hand on my belly. It was so soft and strong, and his touch made me relax....

He stroked me for the longest time. I was nervous and couldn't cum, and also...at the same time I was so hard and precum was oozing out like a leaky faucet. Then I started to cum....moaning! God, I never make a sound when I cum, but I was moaning like a porn queen....but it felt so good!!!!

And I rose up, my hips off the sofa, so tense, so hard, while he stroked me faster and faster. I arched like that for so long, hard, tight, panting to cum, and then shot ropes and ropes of cum everywhere, like I hadn't cum in years...wow.

Well, I think Thursday nights will be a special treat from now on. After I came, I watched while he jacked off himself. He has a beautiful, straight, long cock, and for the last three mornings I wake up thinking of stroking it.....I know it will happen. I just need to ask.



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