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It Happened. Deal With It

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I truly hated my sister. She always got away with everything at home and it was always blamed on her hormones and me not 'giving her private space'.

She was an utter bitch and I hated her until....


She knew, of course, almost to the second when my own hormones kicked in. It was perfectly awful. Suddenly, I would crack a hard on for no reason and Emily would be right there smirking and drawing attention to it. The ONE time I commented that you could see her breasts through a practically transparent T shirt, holy SHIT was I slapped down.

She quickly figured that if she flashed me I would get hard and with a little effort on her part, lightly touching herself, or making sexual comments, she could make ME wet with pre-cum too. Hell I was a 15 year old boy... a WALL would make me horny!

So one very hot day I was slumped out on a garden lounger when Emily came tripping up the path wearing, well, just her panties. Her very small but perfect breasts were jutting out and of course she opened the conversation with 'hmmm I feel SOO sexy when I go topless. Don't you think I look good?' I didn't want to move OR say anything, but suddenly I was angry as all hell.. another product of too much testosterone I guess. I said 'Look Emily. If you're horny, go jill off. Just leave me alone.' She said 'Now, you dont MEAN that' and straddled me, sitting down on my crotch. My dick was only two thin layers of cotton away from her!

I looked down and I could see a stain on her panties. At first I thought she had peed herself, but then I suddenly knew she was wet too. Then she started rocking backwards and forwards. I couldn't help but get hard especially when she started saying stuff like 'Ohhh Chris.. that's a REALLY hard cock.. some girl is gonna LOVE that up her one day....mmmm I can imagine it inside me...' and she started rocking faster and faster... suddenly I knew I was going to cum, but she beat me to it by seconds. She grunted a couple of times and I just knew she had gone over the edge. I also felt myself cum in my shorts.

After she just sat there rocking gently and moaning softly. 'ohhh Chris... you have one HUGE cock. Like I said some girl is gonna LOVE that up inside her.'

Then she got off me by standing and walking, one leg either side of the lounger right over my face. At one point I looked up and the crotch of her panties was inches away. I could smell her and it took only a second for me to kiss her right on the spot. She stood stock still, but I carried on kissing and pressing with my tongue over her panties until I knew she had cummed again. I also worked out that she had no hair. I guess she shaved.

So, from that day our relationship changed. In fact the very next day we did it like that again.

Only difference was afterwads she said 'Hmm I was right. A girl DOES love that inside her.'

I used to beat off a lot over that thought, but the best was the kinky stuff we did together. Emily liked me to just watch her jill, or she would want me to watch her pee. A couple times she bought me presents in the form of her friends panties. She would have me cum in them and then take them back. I loved how each girl smelled the same yet different. Some were really creamy while others weren't.

I am 28 now and still look back on those days with mixed feelings.



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