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Incredible Breasts

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Never jerked off so hard in my life.


Saturday afternoon found me bored in my basement with absolutely nothing to do. I was lying flat on my couch, remote in hand, idly flicking through channels. Nothing unusual. In fact, too usual, considering the channels on Saturday afternoon were terrible as always.

I flicked off the TV, and went to my computer. I logged on Facebook for a bit, accepted a friend request, and began browsing through a friend's pictures. I stopped on one picture: A shot of him, arm around his girlfriend. I couldn't help but notice that she had quite a rack. DD, maybe. I liked big tits, but the bigger they were, the more turned on I was.

I felt that familiar prickling in my groin, and I knew what I wanted to do this now-not-so-boring Saturday afternoon. I took off my shirt, unzipped my pants, and began Googling up pictures of a particular well known sexy model. Her bright smile, eyes, and beautiful boobs were more than enough to have my cock standing still, hard as a rock. I found some promising pics of her in a white spotted shirt, a grey tank top, and a white bath robe.

Admiring her beautiful breasts and stroking my hard cock were enough to make me feel ripples of pleasure as I pumped harder and harder, but I knew that I needed something more.

I went and searched up some videos stroking my raging hard on.

I found a video of her in a white shirt, slowly unzipping it, to reveal her cleavage. I attacked my cock, furiously pumping my hands up and down, begging her to fully unzip her shirt. Within time she did; when I could fully see her gorgeous, huge pink nipples, pre cum began leaking out of my cock. I stroked harder and harder, feeling pleasure erupt throughout my body as I watched her caress those luscious mammaries, and pose for the camera.

As I rubbed my raging erection, I began fantasizing about caressing those boobs, holding them, licking each nipple. I would squeeze my cock in between them, and rub it in between those angelic breasts for hours, until I would cum all over her beautiful breasts.

As I felt myself nearing a climax, the video ended. Somewhat frustrated, I chose to instead select another video of her, this time on a bench press. In that video, she began bench pressing her own tits. I resumed my hard stroking, feeling myself coming back to the level that I originally was. Soon my head began feeling very light, the feeling of pleasure beyond words. I had never wanted to fuck someone so badly. As I pumped my cock harder and harder, watching her begin clashing her tits together, I began imagining that my cock was in between those huge mammaries, and she was clashing her tits together on my cock.

I was doing all I can to not explode, I wanted this moment to last forever. I began moaning and spouting nonsensical words, 'Oh, tits, please, amazing, unh, oh, just'.

My moaning increased; I was in complete ecstasy. I had never felt such a climax in my life. I wanted to cum so badly, but at the same time I wanted this moment to last for eternity. Finally, I gabbled, 'Love, those, tits', and cum began shooting out of my cock. It splattered all over my keyboard, desk, and screen. I still remained at my seat, pumping away, completely paralyzed by the orgasm, still shooting large gouts of sperm. Eventually it faded away, and I slumped back in my seat, completely spent. Wow.

Eventually I cleaned up, and went back to my computer.

Somehow, I found myself searching up more videos. I felt that familiar lust throb in my groin. More lube found itself on my dick.

Maybe today wasn't going to be so boring after all.



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