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In the Woods With John

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This story is about my best friend John and I. We have known each other for a few years and have become great friends.


John came over to my house and invited me to go out for a walk in the woods (There are a lot of woods in my back yard). We always meet up together and we love doing stuff with each other. So I said 'Sure, let's do it.' After about 20 minutes of walking my feet were starting to get tired, so I playfully asked him if he would give me a piggy back ride, and he said yes. I climbed up onto his back and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He started walking and after about 10 minutes he said he needed to stop for a minute. So I hopped off his back and sat down on a big rock and relaxed. I then asked him why he had to stop and he told me because my legs were touching his crotch and it was getting him aroused. I giggled and asked if he liked it. 'Very much, but it's hard to walk with a hardon', he said.

I had never seen his dick before but I could now see he was aroused. This began to give me horny thoughts so I asked him if he could show it to me. He said 'Only if you take off your shirt and show me your tits.' I happily agreed. I took off my shirt and exposed my 36C breasts. I then asked him to take off his pants and boxers and show me his dick. He unzipped his pants, pulled them down, and then slipped out of his boxers. He was now standing right in front of my face while I was sitting on the rock, with his boner sticking straight out at me.

I asked him if I could touch it and he said 'Sure, go ahead.' I slowly reached my hand up and grabbed a hold of his dick and slowly began to stroke it. It felt very good to hold his member in my hands. His dick was about six and a half inches long, and five inches around. He closed his eyes and let out a soft moan. I knew he was enjoying it.

I started stroking it as fast as I could and then he finally said to me 'Oh baby, I'm going to cum!' and starting stroking even faster and harder than I ever had. With one big moan he said 'Here it comes!' and he started to cum.

The first shot hit me right in the mouth, which I didn't mind, as I had let previous 'boyfriends' spurt on my face or into my mouth. The second shot up and hit me in my right eye. The next shot hit me in my left eye and now I couldn't see anything at all. He just kept cumming, more and more. My entire face had a thick creamy layer of his cum. Some of his cum started dripping down my face, onto my neck and down onto my breasts. I started rubbing it into my skin with my free hand while still stroking his dick. He finally stopped cumming and almost collapsed on the ground. He then sat down next to me, still nude from the waist down. He asked me what I wanted to do about this mess we made, and I told him to help me push it all into my mouth. I loved the way his cum tasted and I wanted to eat all of it.

He took his fingers and started scooping some of his cum off my face and dumped it into my mouth and I happily swallowed all of it. After a few minutes, we had finally cleaned off my entire face. Of course this whole episode was new to us and I was totally wet from the experience (not only from his dripping cum but my own juices!) He said 'Can I make you cum?', I leant back on the rock, opened my legs wide, exposing my wet unshaved pussy and said 'Help yourself'. He reached across and rubbed my wet pussy lips with two fingers, and within a few seconds he had plunged these fingers into me and upwards to the hilt. I gasped when he filled me, and said 'Fuck me with your fingers'.

He began to push into my pussy hard, fingering me and making it even wetter, the sloshing sound from his hard penetration was erotic. It didn't take long before I lifted up my pelvis and thrust against his fingers, the electric bouncing through my clit made me gasp out loud, and I felt more juice leave my pussy and slide down to my poop hole.

Finally he put his boxers and pants back on and gave me a kiss on the lips and thanked me. I told him 'That was great! We should do that again sometime soon.' He nodded and then layed back on the rock and began to relax. I put the rest of my clothes back on and cuddled up next to him and we both lay there for almost an hour, talking about what had just happened.

I hope you enjoyed my story.



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