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In the Van

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I had known Tom for about six months. He was exactly the same age as I was, 12, and very good-looking. His family moved in just down the street shortly after New Years, and we quickly became friends. When school let out my family was heading up to Canada for a visit with relatives, and my parents offered to bring Tom along so I'd have someone of my own age with me.
On the appointed day we loaded up the van and headed off. Tom and I sat in the back seat and my younger brother sat in the middle. We had snacks and drinks, and blankets and pillows in case we wanted to nap along the way.
After a couple of hours of driving, my brother fell asleep. Tom said he was going to snooze, and turned in his seat and lay down facing the rear. He put his feet in my lap and got a funny looking smile on his face. He tossed a blanket over himself, including his feet. Pretty soon I could feel him wiggling his toes in my crotch, and realized he was purposely jiggling my dick. Of course I quickly got hard, and was very surprised.
Tom motioned for me to lie down also, so I did, facing him, and put my feet in his crotch. We both had to move around a bit to get in a good position. I decided to try what he was doing to me, and was surprised to find that he had opened his pants and his boner was exposed. He took his hands and guided my foot so that his dick was between my large toe and the one next to it. It felt funny to have the hard little appendage between my toes. He moved my foot back and forth, so essentially I was jacking him off with my foot.
I got the idea, and opened my pants and pushed them down a little, and out popped my dick. I put it between his toes, and we were both doing it. We did that for a little while, and then he took over with his hand. I couldn't see, but I could feel his jacking motion with my foot, and could see the blanket moving with his arm. I did the same, and pretty soon he stiffened and held still, and I felt a warm wetness pulse onto my foot. By this time I was so turned on that I came, too, and coated his foot and my hand with my own sperm.
Tom gave me a satisfied but sheepish smile, and reached down for a napkin that was on the floor, and cleaned up with it. Then he handed it to me, and I felt the warm, sticky wetness of his sperm, and wiped myself up.
We both buttoned back up, and lay there with our feet in each other's laps, relaxed in the afterglow of our orgasms. He held my foot over his crotch, pressing it onto his limp penis, and I did the same.
At that point I figured the week in Canada was going to be eventful in ways that I hadn't even thought of, and I was right. I hadn't realized it before, but Tom was even more horney than I was, and wanted to masturbate at every opportunity. I don't know why that hadn't come up back home, but it sure became obvious that week.
We still do stuff together fairly often. We frequently double-date, and after we take the girls home, go back to one of our houses and masturbate together. Needless to say, neither of us is sexually frustrated, which is a good thing.



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