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In the Shed With My Cousin

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I know its another cousin story, but after reading Solo Touch I guess it happens a lot. At the time I felt guilty for this experience, but I know it was intensely exciting.


The summer before my senior year of high school I was 16 and spending the summer at my aunt and uncle's house to help them on the farm. Up to this point the sum total of my sexual experience was making out in the car after my Junior prom, feeling some small titties and stroking my date's pussy through her panties underneath her prom dress. Something more might have happened but the knock on the window by the policeman stopped everything. I had never seen a pussy in real life or put my finger in one. Remember this was 1977, there was no internet and no pornos on VHS tape.

My cousin Linda was 13 and ready to go into high school. We were always close but saw each other only once a year or so. This time she was getting some breasts and her butt looked good. We were sent to the shed to put storage items away and tidy up. We noticed some boxes left by some of the workers who roomed on the property during harvest. We went through them and in one box were some porno mags. Not the Playboy, Penthouse stuff but more hardcore, nasty ones. I tried to hide them for myself but Linda saw them and insisted on looking too.

She sure got quiet and wide eyed as we flipped through pages of pics of a man with a very large penis being stroked by a woman with large breasts and a very dark, hairy pussy. At the end you could see his semen that was ejaculated all over his abdomen, and the woman licking it up.

I was very aroused and rock hard. Linda looked flushed and kept rocking forward on the narrow suitcase she was sitting on. She asked me if there was always that much stuff(semen) that came out. I said kind of, and asked her if she had that much hair down there. She said no. I figured it was now or never so I asked her if I showed her my cock and cum would she show me her pussy. She tentatively agreed but made me go first. I pulled down my pants and my very hard cock sprang out literally dripping pre-cum from the tip(I've always been wet). I'm very curved upward like a banana, and when she saw it her eyes were wide open as was her mouth. My heart was pounding and I told her I would touch it and make it cum but I wanted to see her first. She was wearing pants and briefly pulled them down with her panties and I saw her blond little muff but she quickly pulled them back up. I begged with her to take them off and open her legs so I could see what she really looked like. I was slowly rubbing my wet, juicy head and she stared the whole time but again pulled down her pants and stepped out of them.

There I was staring at her as she sat down on the edge, straddling the old suitcase and opening her legs apart. She had a fair amount of pure blond hair above her clit, none on the sides of her lips, but very pink puffy lips. When she opened her legs, her lips came apart and I could see shiny wetness in between. I will never forget that mental image. I was breathing hard with that familiar feeling in my balls and pelvis, and it only took a couple squeezes and strokes of my cock's head and shaft, and I erupted in in four or five long, solid streams that partially landed on Linda's belly and pubic hair before I could direct it away from her.

I remember her saying 'oh its really warm', and then 'my mom's going to kill us if she finds out'. We both struggled to get the cum wiped off, and dressed. We heard my aunt coming over to the shed(talk about sheer terror). Anyway, no one found out but that was just the beginning of many episodes of discovery that summer.



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