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Massage Parlor Surprise

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True story that happened last month.


My wife had gone to visit her sister in another state and after two weeks I was feeling pretty horny. I decided to try a place in a nearby city that was simply listed as 'Oriental Massage.' I entered the place and it was a typical oriental massage parlor. The woman who answered the door was about 40 or so, plain looking but with fairly large breasts and a nice shape. She told me that the girls who worked there did not show up that day but that she could give me 'massagee' if I wanted. I thought 'why not' and assumed that I would be getting just a massage which I hoped would relax me. I was led into the massage room and she left while I got naked and layed face down on the massage table.

She soon returned to the room and has changed to a long kimono type dress. I could see that she was not wearing a bra but could see the outline of her panties. I thought, 'this could get interesting.' She began to massage my back and it felt very good. After a few minutes I asked her if she could do a 'light' massage and she immediately began very light fingertip strokes on my back, then my legs. My penis began to stir. After a few minutes of this her hands started to stray between my legs and brush my balls. I responded by opening my legs as far as I could on the table and she began to tickle my balls and reach further up to touch my half erect penis. After a few minutes of my arching my back while she played with my balls and penis my back began to get sore so I got up on my hands and knees to give her full access. She began to stroke my penis lightly and massage my balls. Then with her other hand she started to gently touch and tickle my asshole. My cock was rock hard now and I couldn't stop myself from making thrusting movements as she continued to play with my cock and tickle my asshole. I almost got to the point of beginning to cum so I stopped her and asked, 'Can I give you a massage.'

She looked at me for a moment then said 'yes, but no suckee or fuckee.' I said 'that's fine.' She took off her kimono but left her panties on and layed on her front. I stroked her tight body and massaged her ass through her panties. She spread her legs a little so I reached my hand between them and gently rubbed her pussy. This made her grind her hips a little and she made soft moaning sounds. After a few minutes I asked her to turn over and she did. Her breasts were quite large and firm and her nipples were large and dark. I began to massage her breasts and play with her nipples which immediately became erect. The stuck out at least an inch and she seemed to enjoy the attention they got. Then I bent over and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it, first one, then the other. At the same time she reached down and began to stroke my erect cock again. As I sucked her nipples I reached down and began to rub her pussy. To my amazement, she reached down and took her panties off. Her pussy was very hairy but I could see the juicy slit and I began to masturbate her cunt with my middle finger. I stroked her clit and kept ramming my finger in and out as she bucked her hips. Finally after about ten minutes she must have had an orgasm because her pussy got very wet and juice ran down her thighs. She stopped me from stroking her further and said 'lay down now.'

I layed on my back with my big boner sticking up like a flagpole, throbbing with lots of precum oozing out of the tip. She put some oil on her hand and began to jack me off, first slowly, then faster as I began to buck and thrust my hips to meet her strokes. It wasn't too long before I began to feel my balls tighten and my my cock begin to twitch and jerk. At that moment a volcano erupted as I shot about six big ropes of semen into the air about a foot as she continued to milk all of the cum out of my throbbing cock.

She got dressed and washed all of the sticky cum off of my balls and penis, then helped me dress. I gave her a tip and told her she was the best massage I ever had. I plan to return the next time I am alone and horny.



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