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In The Sauna

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Masturbating in front of others was exciting.


I recently went to a sauna for men only. I was curious about what went on there. I assumed it was gay and that a lot of sex happened. Even though I am not gay, I always wanted to show off my body (which is pretty good-I'm 5'11' 165 lbs. and muscular). I also wanted to masturbate in front of someone else. I would prefer to do it in front of women, but I don't know how to find anyone who might want to watch.

Anyway, I figured a gay sauna might be the place to try it out, so I went in. There was a small locker room where you undress. You put your clothes in a locker and wrap a towel that they give you around your waist. The locker room had about three or four guys in it. One was sitting near me in his towel and watching my every move. As I took off my shirt I felt him staring at me and I looked at him. He was staring hard at my crotch. I felt my cock twitch and my nipples get hard. I made a point of turning around and bending over to untie my shoes, with my ass facing him. I looked at him from between my legs and saw him staring at my ass. I reached up and rubbed my thigh, just below my crotch and he licked his lips.

Then I stood up, turned around and dropped my pants. My cock was pretty hard by now, and the bulge in my underpants (briefs) was noticeable. There was also a little wet spot where some pre-cum had leaked. He noticed it and adjusted his towel so that his balls showed. I stared at them to let him know I noticed, and proceeded to take off my underpants. I turned my back to him and pulled them down from the backside first, so he could see my naked ass. Then I slowly turned around (my cock was by this time very hard), and pulled the front down, letting him see my pubic hair and bending my cock down as far as it would go, then letting it snap up hard against my belly.

I then quickly wrapped my towel around myself and set off for the hot sauna room, which was around the corner. The guy followed me, as did two or three others who also had been watching me undress.

I entered the sauna and sat on the upper bench. I took off my towel and leaned against the wall, spreading my legs and letting my cock and balls feel the warmth. My cock had softened, but was still partially swollen and was red and sensitive. All the guys who followed me in, and the others who had been there already, stared at me. Their eyes on my cock made it grow hard again very fast. I pulled my legs up and bent my knees up to my chest. My asshole under my balls was revealed and the guy who had been watching me undress came over and tickled my hole and my balls. The others moved closer and watched as he got bolder and I leaned back and closed my eyes.

As he played with my balls, I felt someone else gently touch the tip of my ramrod straight cock and scoop up some of the pre-cum. I opened my eyes and saw him rubbing his own cock with my pre-cum. By now my own cock was throbbing and demanding attention, so I took it and began to stroke as several of the guys reached out and touched me all over. Some tweaked my nipples, others felt my cock as I stroked it or rubbed their hands all over my legs, abdomen and chest. One really hot-looking guy reached under my ass and tried to stick his finger up my asshole, but I didn't like it and pulled away. I let him tickle it though and then let him take over jerking me off. He was really good at it and soon I was moaning as I felt all of those hands all over me and this hot guy jerking me faster and harder. I lay down flat on the bench and looked at my seven-inches being stroked and at least four other guys about to cum on me. I felt the first spurt of cum hit my balls and then another hit my belly. The heat of the semen and the thought of all these guys watching me and cumming on me made me too excited to hold back any longer. I moaned out loud that I was cumming. The guys bent their faces down close to watch. I felt my load gather in the base of my cock and then shoot three times straight up in the air. It fell back on my belly and chest. One of the guys immediately reached over and rubbed my cum into my skin, as I lay there twitching, and the other guys tried to milk my cock for more semen. Then everyone who hadn't cum yet shot their loads on me and each other. The sauna smelled richly of male sex.

After a minute or two, I got up and smiled at the others and went to the shower. As I soaped up, I noticed two more guys staring at my still semi-erect cock. I felt myself getting hard again as I let the shower run on the head of my cock. I'll tell you the rest of the story if you leave some comments.



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