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In My Brothers Room

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This is a true story which details events that have happened just recentely. I am 20 and still living at home with my brother who is 19. I was gathering trash and decided to go in my brothers room to be nice and see if he had any trash. While in there I looked around and noticed a rather large bunch of tissues that was folded together in half. I'm not sure why but I thought it was curious the way it was neatly folded. I picked it up and tried to pull the halves apart, and found they were super stuck together with something that had dried on it. I thought he had blown his nose at first, being as the dried stuff was somewhat yellow in tint. One thing weird though, there was a lot of it. Both halves were covered. Then it hit me, it was his semen. I could tell by the slight smell it had. He had masturbated into the tissues and folded it and must of missed the trash. I don't know why but having real evidence of my brother jerking off kinda turned me on. He wasn't home so I undid my belt right there, pulled down my pants and started jerking in his room. I was so turned on I folded the tissue on my dick and came over his dried cum. I threw the tissues out and got outta there.

The next few days I paid attention and noticed he would sometimes go in his room and close the door for a few minutes and come back out. I thought for sure that's when he did his masturbating. I would search his trash whenever he would leave and I would always find more tissues with his dried cum. He almost caught me once when he came back right away. Then one day last week he had left the house just minutes after coming out of his room. I was excited thinking maybe I'd find a fresh one. I went and looked around but didn't find any. I was about to leave when suddenly I noticed a wad of tissues on his bed. I picked it up and could feel it was wet. I pulled it apart like always and found his fresh wet cum inside that he made just minutes ago. I was so aroused. I touched it with my fingers, it was so hot playing with his cum. I layed in his bed and jerked off while running my finger through his cum. I then got a crazy idea and layed the tissue on the bed and came right on top of his cum. The tissue was soaked now and I missed on one shot and hit his bed sheet. I heard him outside and decided to fold the tissue again and leave it there. He went in his room and a few minutes later shut the door. No way I thought. Even stranger he came out and left the house again. I went back in his room to find the tissue was leaking cum. It was even wetter and now there were three spots of semen on the bed instead of the one I had left. Did he know what I did? Did he leave it for me to find? I'm not sure what to make of the situation. I think he must of knew that I found it. I'm not sure why he would leave it sitting out. I haven't found any more since. I'm open to your suggestions and opinions if anyone has any.



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