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One night while I was at work, my ex-fiancé showed up for a visit. We have been broken up for several years, but we have stayed in touch through emails and a few phone calls. She had been away in the Army for almost two years.

When she showed up she had on a pair of tight jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt. Now she has always looked good in jeans and a t-shirt: she is about 5'9' with a slim figure, but this time there was definitely something different about her as I watched her walk down the stairs to my desk area. I could not take my eyes off her. Even when she reached my desk I could not stop looking at her breasts. There was definitely something different about them. She had A-cup breasts while we were together and when she was called away on duty for the Army. Now she had to be at the very least a C-cup, and she really filled out that V-neck t-shirt. The cleavage showing in the V-neck was breathtaking. As we said our 'Hellos' and made small talk, I could not pull my eyes away from her breasts.

Finally she said to me, 'Do you like?'

All I could stammer up was, 'Awesome.' I still could not look away. I had not even noticed her new hair style, just how tight the t-shirt was and the 'awesome' cleavage she was showing in the V-neck. She continued to tell me that while away in the Army she decided to get a boob-job as a gift for herself. She told me she was now a C-cup. After she told me more about the surgery, I had some questions for her. I asked her about the soreness, sensitivity, and if she had a scar on her breasts. She then asked me, 'Would you like a look?' I think this was the first time since she showed up that I looked up from her breasts and saw her face. I of course stuttered out the word 'Yes' with maybe a little too much excitement.

When I work the night shift, I am the only one in the building. I am a dispatcher and all I have is the radio, TV, and a phone. As she started to pull her t-shirt out from her jeans' waistband, she slowly pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it on my desk. She had on a white lacy half-cup bra that gave her lift and exposed the top half of her breasts and nipples. As she unclasped the front of her bra and pulled it away from her breasts, her breasts barely moved when they lost the support, but her nipples started to grow and get hard.

Her breasts were amazing-perfectly round and firm. Her nipples were now hard and looked longer than I remembered from our dating years. I continued to stare at her breasts like a doctor doing an examination. I don't know what came over me, but I reached out with my right hand and took hold of her left breast. With a look of surprise on both our faces, I reached out with my left hand and placed it on her right breast. She did not step back or pull my hands away, so I started to slowly feel her breasts. These were the first set of implants I had ever touched. The skin was soft, smooth, and her breasts were firm and tight. I slowly ran my hands over the soft skin and around the bottom and sides of her breasts. I slowly moved around to the back of her so now both my arms were over her shoulders. My palms were now covering the top of her breasts and my fingers holding the bottom of her breasts. Her nipples poking out between my middle finger and ring finger as they were giving little squeezes to her nipples.

Between her heavy breaths and my now stiffening dick, she told me how sensitive her breasts and nipples were after the surgery. She told me she could bring herself to orgasm now just by playing with her own breasts. I continued to rub and caress her breasts with my hands. I was determined now to get her off, so I started to pinch her nipples between my thumb and first finger. My penis was now hard and pushing to get out of my pants. I moved my pelvis in hard against her buttocks. My right cheek was pressing against her left cheek as I was still standing behind her. I continued to fondle her breasts and pinch, pull, tweak, and softly twist her nipples.

Both of us were breathing heavy as I pushed my pelvis harder against her buttocks. I was pushing so hard she had to put out both her hands and arms against the wall to support us. As I pushed my hard cock into her jean-covered butt, I could feel her pushing back against my dick. We were humping back and forth; I was massaging her breasts. Our breathing was now harder and faster and our face cheeks were pushing closer and closer. I continued to rub her breasts, pulling them apart, pushing them together, moving them up and down. I continued pinching and pulling on her nipples until I heard her breathing almost stop. Her body started to shake as her knees buckled a little. She let out a loud moan and sigh. Her breathing was now heavy and long. I had brought her to a body-shaking orgasm.

Still behind her, I continued to lightly caress her firm breasts and drive my erect penis into her buttocks. She was now pushing her butt back into my penis as I pushed forward. I kept on dry humping over and over into her tight jean-covered ass. I pushed forward one more hard time as she pushed her ass back into me. I came in wave after wave of cum into my pants. We stood pressing against each other as our breathing returned to a more normal pace. As we parted she turned and gave me another view of her perfect breasts. She slowly put her bra back on, pulled her t-shirt on, and tucked it into her jeans. She pointed out the wet spot in the front of my pants, and I let her know I had a second pair of pants in my locker to change into.

We hugged and I thanked her for showing me her new breasts.



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