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I'll Show You Mine If....

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I was 13 yrs old when the following occurred. It was a typical summer day, dad was at work and mom was out shopping somewhere. I was hanging out around the neighborhood, alone and kinda bored. My two best friends were away on vacation, so I decided to go down to the playground to shoot some hoops (about 1/2 mile away). After playing for an hour I decided to go home, and took a shortcut up through the woods. About 15 feet into the woods I saw a magazine half buried under the leaves, and when I picked it up found out that it was a dirty mag. The cover was gone, the pages were water stained and wrinkled from being outside, but about half of it was still readable and the pictures were incredible! This wasn't a tame Playboy; it was very graphical and showed women masturbating and people having sex. At that age I was horny ALL the time, and had been masturbating myself about a year.
I spent a few minutes flipping through it and quickly developed a full erection. I decided to bring it home and have a good session with myself, and as I exited my woods into my backyard I heard some kids in my front yard. I put the magazine under an old log in the woods and went to see who it was. Steve and Carol were walking down my driveway towards the road. Steve was 11 and Carol was 10, and once in a while they would stop by just to see what I was doing and if I wanted to ride bikes. I ran and caught up to them before they left and I instantly told them (the best I could since I was out of breath) about my find. They were amazed, and of course they wanted to see it. So I told them we could look at it but we had to do it down in the woods since I wasn't really sure what time my mom would be home.
We sprinted down my backyard (about 200 feet) and into the woods. I stopped and retrieved the magazine and told them to follow me. We went another 20 yards or so in until we were in a clearing where we couldn't see any houses or roads. They each crowded on either side of me as I began to flip through the pages slowly. Carol was squealing and giggling and Steve was saying stuff like 'Holy shit!' and 'Oh my GOD!'. I was pointing out to them what some of the positions/actions were called (I had looked at a Penthouse with my best friend Tim the summer before) and they were impressed with my 'expert knowledge'. I told them about 'doggy-style' and 'jerking off' and 'coming' and 'blow jobs' (there were actually pictures of a guy coming on a women's breasts in the mag).
After a few minutes Carol stopped goofing around and really seemed intrigued by what she was seeing and the same with Steve. I personally was horny beyond belief and had a full hard-on that I kept adjusting in my shorts. Without thinking I said to them, 'Have you guys ever done anything like this, or seen another person naked?'
Steve looked at me and very seriously told me no. Carol was less serious and giggled and said she had seen her little cousin's wiener (he was 5 she told us) just a few months before but that was it. So I suggested that I would be willing to show them mine if they would do it too. I guess I expected them to be more taken aback but they both said 'OK!'
So I told them on the count of 3 we had to pull down our shorts (we were all wearing shorts since it was the summer) and just be in our underwear to start. I counted down 1-2-3 and down they went. I was wearing white briefs (I think all boys did back then) and I was conscious of how easy it was to see my hard on through them. I saw that Steve had on the same kind of underpants as me, and it was obvious that he was also hard and he had his hands down by his crotch trying to hide it. Carol was wearing a pair of white cotton bikini panties that had a lace waistband and purple & yellow flowers dotted about. My eyes zeroed in on her crotch and I could see the cleft of her vagina clearly outlined by her snug underpants. She was giggling and made no effort to cover up.
'We want to see your boobs, too!' I said. I was very worked up at this point and was very anxious to see a real girl naked for the first time, even though she was younger than me. Without a word she lifted up the bottom of her tshirt and tucked it under her chin. She was wearing a plain white training bra, and she really had no boobs to speak of. The vision of her with her shorts around her ankles and her shirt pulled up will be etched in my mind forever, though.
'OK,' I said. 'On three we pull down our underpants. 1 - 2 - 3!' In a flash my underpants were down, as were Carol's. We both let them drop around our ankles; Steve took a few seconds longer and he was obviously embarrassed and kept them suspended just below his crotch. We were all laughing nervously and checking each other out. Being older and well into puberty I was obviously more developed than either of them. I had a full thatch of black pubic hair and my erection was about 5' long, pretty average for my age. Carol was smooth as a baby's bottom, and as I saw the slit of her vagina I thought I would die. Her ass was also unbelievable for a girl her age, and her hips were slightly flared as she showed the early signs of puberty as well. Steve on the other hand was also hairless, and had a stiff but small erection. I noticed that instead of covering his penis we was actually fondling and rubbing it (but not actually stroking it). I began to do the same, and then said we should check each other out a little closer.
With that I knelt in front of Carol to get a complete view of her vagina. She giggled and said, 'What are you doing?' and I told her I just wanted to look, then asked her where her pee came out.
'Here, silly' and she put her middle finger between her lips and pulled them slightly apart. I told her I wanted to see her do it, and that I would do it too. Steve was silent and just stood there, almost in a trance, kind of playing with himself.
I turned around and took aim at the nearest tree and let loose a stream of urine. Carol squealed again and laughed, and I had to tell her to keep it down because we didn't want to get caught. I peed for a good 20 seconds and as I did began to lose my erection - momentarily. Carol wanted to know why my 'wiener was shrinking' and I explained to her briefly about erections. Not wanting to be too distracted I told her it was her turn to pee. She turned around and squatted down, and after waiting for a good 30 seconds she began to go - and go and go and go for about a full minute. In that minute I was completely aroused again and began slowly stroking myself. Carol complained about not having anything to wipe with and I told her she could let it air-dry which she thought was very funny. Then I told her I could make sperm come out of my wiener and not just pee and she got all excited and wanted to see.
I began stroking in earnest, explaining that I was masturbating and that's what people did (like in the magazine) and it felt good. Steve snapped out of his trance and began asking me questions and I showed him how to do it. Carol was like a student in class, standing and looking back and forth between us as we jerked off. I asked her if she wanted to touch mine but she said no. I told her to stand closer to me and she waddled over (her shorts and panties were still around her ankles) and stood on my left side with our hips almost touching. I was so horny it didn't take me long to come and as I did I groaned and shook and let loose with many globs (not streams) of come that made an audible 'plop' as they fell on the leaves below my feet. I quickly hiked up my shorts and underpants and told them that we should go back to my house since my mom would be home soon. Steve thought it was cool I could 'shoot' (he couldn't yet). I had to swear them to secrecy and told them not to tell anyone else about the magazine. We went back again twice that same week to play again, and once I did actually get Carol to play with me 'til I came while I touched her boobs and rubbed her sweet butt.
Shortly after 'The Mag' disappeared from our hiding spot, and although they wouldn't admit it one of them leaked our secret. We never did get back together after that because I couldn't trust them. Carol's family moved out of state 2 years later, and Steve ended up going to a private school and I never saw him much. My best friends and I did mess around some in the following summers, stories I will share another time.



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