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If Only They Knew

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My family has no idea of my sexuality...why should they? Oh, I have experienced boys, (and one man WAY older than me). It was good, but nothing like what I discovered two weeks ago.


It is necessary to set the scene. I am from a very wealthy family, so private school, even some time as a boarder, was usual. Equally, the standard of education I have had was very high. How could it not be in classes of no more than 10?

'Growing up' was dealt with during my time as a boarder and with a wonderful school matron who had seen every possible permutation of it. I made the journey into bras, periods and hormones smoothly and with all the help and guidance I could have wished for. To me, it seemed like my parents sent a little girl to school, and a woman came home. I am sure it wasn't really like that, but that's how it feels.

So, on to sex. Masturbation came quite naturally. One cannot sleep in a dormitory of six other girls without hearing and sometimes seeing it. From there it is only a short step to trying it oneself. I was lucky. I got an orgasm the very first time I tried. I quickly learned to masturbate in the most unusual places. I could do it merely by squeezing my thighs together, so cumming into my knickers in class was no trouble.

Naturally, (and never let them tell you anything different) most boarding girl's schools are petrified about lesbianism, or at least the rumours of lesbianism, so we are watched constantly. Dorm bedroom doors may only be closed for short periods of time to allow a little privacy. Well, you get the idea. However, there are male staff. Groundsmen, maintenance, even teachers. I had my first 'experience' at the age of 14 with a gardener. He was only 17 himself, but he had wonderful hands and could bring me off so quickly.

Then came last week. Anna and I have been friends, although we went to different schools. I only saw her when I was home on holidays, but we wrote, emailed and texted all the time. One afternoon we were at her house and lazing around, talking innevitably about boys, and sex in general. Anna said 'You know, I really fancy making it with another girl... just for the experience'. This was something I had never even, not for a moment thought about. But what happened next was like being caught in a tornado. In a microsecond I had gone from revulsion to curiosity to wet knickers, throbbing clit and breathlessness. I tell you, I have never gone from totally flat to maximum arousal so fast. It actually made me dizzy. I was sitting opposite her and I slowly opened my legs really wide. Anna stared at my crotch and I could almost feel the bruning heat of her gaze on my vagina. That's when the 'words' started running round my head. 'Pussy, minge, fanny, cunt' Words I had not ever used and found vulgar. I realized that in that second vulgar was what I wanted. I lifted my t shirt up over my miserable small a cup breasts and said 'So you would like to suck my tits....and finger my cunt?' As the word 'cunt' left my almost trembling lips, I felt like I was going to faint... so rude.... so delicious to say. In her turn, Anna opened her legs and for a moment we just stared at each other.

Then, in a flurry of movement we were at each other. We almost ripped each others clothes off and when I found Anna was wearing tights, I did actually tear them to get at her, this was pure animal lust. WE kissed so hard we bruised each others lips, and Anna actually drew blood from me.

I gasped as she jammed her hand into my knickers and shoved THREE fingers right up me, hooking them forward onto my g-spot. Then she proceeded to, well, finger-rape me is the only expression really. She pushed me onto my back and ravaged my aching cunt with her fingers. When the orgasm ripped through me, I felt gushing wetness soak my knickers.

Then I was on her. I had alread torn her tights and her knickers were already wet. I did exactly the same to her but she gasped out 'My arse'. So I pushed a finger deep up her tight arse as I raped her right back.

'Rape?' Well, no, obviously, but the intensity and, yes, savagery of it matches the word.

I felt Anna tense and then cum. I had never felt anything like it. A girl's vagina (and anal) contractions seem so much more powerful than when I jacked boys off.

After we had both cum, we were still highly aroused. Anna grabbed my hand and pulled me into their swimming pool area. We did so much more that I can't tell you about here, but when we looked at the time, it had taken less than 20 minutes.

I found that while I thought being taken from behind outdoors, or being fucked in the arse was adventurous, what Anna and I did that day went way beyond that.

So now. Am I lesbian? Bi? Bi curious? You know, I think that I am merely 'sexual'. I hate labels. I would love a cock, but now I know I like a cunt too.. and I love, I FUCKING LOVE the dirty words!



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