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While We Both Were in Bed

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This is from one of my few experiences with another female friend, I hope to have many many more

My friend Faith and I had known each other for probably a little over a year before our first experience together. My whole life I had been the type of girl who got into her sexuality very early, probably beginning in the first or second grade. The first time I touched myself, I will never forget it. It opened up a whole new world to me, and I never even imagined that another person could make me feel even better. This one day my boyfriend, who had been the one to introduce Faith to me, was telling me how she liked doing things with other girls. I had told him before that I was very curious about girls, and actually found many of them to be very attractive. It was a hobby of mine to point out girls who were hot or cute, just like another guy. But anyways, he kept pushing me to try and do things with Faith, but I was much to embarassed to make the first move. So one night we all went swimming together in her pool. Eventually it got to the point to where it was just me, my guy, and Faith. Well my boyfriend, Zeke said aloud, " Chelsea really wants to make out with you, Faith". I could tell I turned red, becoming nervous to what she would think, but she just smiled. So Zeke ended up pulling her close to me, and soon we were almost touching. I became so brave that I just leaned in and felt my lips press into hers. And she followed along, slowly pressing into me and then slipping her tongue into my mouth. It was such a rush. I was immediately hot, feeling tingles all over. And I was relieved that Faith just acted like it was normal, when I would have worried that any other girl would have been disgusted. A few nights later, Faith and I discussed having one of our sleep overs. We had done it before, and I really enjoyed her company so we planned to have one that night. As we were fixing to go to bed, I noticed something sort of different. While Faith slipped into bed I saw that she had put on some skimpy pajamas without panties underneath, and a very small shirt that left little to the imagination. It was not like she usually dressed for bed, but I just followed her and got into bed as usual. She turned out the light and then it was nothing but silence. I was unsure of what to say. But then, "So. I don't know what to do." she said. I paused. This was almost scripted. I felt a smile go across my face. She didn't know what to do? Right. "Hmmm. I'm not sure." I mumbled. I then remembered how Zeke had been teasing me, in front of Faith, about us messing around during our sleep overs together and how she had agreed to wanting to with me. "So did you want to, you know?" I said. I heard Faith turn towards me. "Want to what?" she asked. "You know, mess around?" I said. Faith smiled. "I sure do, I just didn't really know how to ask you." she said. I was relieved. It was finally clear, and it wasn't as hard as I thought to bring up doing things with another girl. "So what do we do?" I asked, feeling kind of dumb. "Just do what you want," She replied,"let me see what you've been wanting to do with me." And so I did just that. I rolled a little bit closer towards her and let my hand slowly glide down the side of her neck to her shoulders and down her side. I then came back up and let my hand cradle her breast. They were a very nice size for her being slightly younger than me, much bigger than myself and felt so hot to my touch. I slightly pressed each of her breasts and she sighed softly. I let my hands go up and under her shirt for a better feel, running my fingers over her nipples and then in large circles around the outside. My hand then went lower, and as I got to her waist I felt her legs spread under the blankets. My fingers entered her pants and then pressed against her warm pussy. She shivered at my touch. I found her spot, the spot I knew too well on my own body, and let my fingers rub up and down and in tiny circles in a rhythmic motion that caused her to sigh even more. She arched her back against my hand and came close to bring her face into my neck and to kiss me passionately. My fingers continued to rub her pussy, going faster and pressing harder. I then let two of my fingers enter her, thrusting into her deep and hard. She let out a loud moan at the motion. "Oh my God, yes! Oh your fingers feel so good in me, yes yes, that's it, oh my god, Oh Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeeeeees, Uh! Uh!" I thrust my fingers in and out, and in and out, and deeper until finally her body started to shake as she screamed and she shook in little spasms of pleasure as I finished her off. I brought my hand back and watched as she stopped shaking and her breath went back to normal. She looked at me and smiled. "I almost regret not trying this with you sooner." she said. I smiled as well. "Now sit back and let me do what I've been wanting," Faith said with a big grin. I put my arms down and waited as she straddled on top of me. She lowered her head down and pressed her lips against my own, kissing me hard. She continued down until she stopped at my own breasts. She lifted my shirt and rubbed her hands over them hard and soft. Then Faith lowered her face and began flicking her tongue over each nipple. My whole body tingled at her touches, and she then went farther down, stopping where my pants rested against my waist. She pulled my pajama bottoms down over my knees and off my legs. She smiled again. "No panties either, hmm?" she said. I laughed, "Nope. I guess I was hoping the same thing that you were." Her fingers quickly went to my pussy, running in tickles over my mound and then sliding down to my opening. I shivered with pleasure. She rubbed and rubbed my clit, just at the right spot and I began to tingle all over. And then, she went even farther. Her head went down, and I then felt her mouth against me. I almost lost it. Her tongue flicked against my clit and all over my opening. The warmth and wetness of my mouth on my most sensitive areas caused me to buck and scream. "Uh Uh! Uh! God, yes! Yes, ! Come on! Oh God, Yes! Lick me! Lick me! Uh UH UH! Yes YES!", I moaned. I'd never felt what I was feeling before, and Faith didn't hesitate to go faster and dig her tongue deeper inside of me. Finally my whole body was lost in spasms of pleasure and I felt hot and tingly everywhere. My breath was hot and fast as I lay there panting. Faith got back up to her pillow and lay beside me watching me catch my breath with a smile. I looked at her. "How was that?" she said. "Oh my God, it was nothing I've ever done before. It was amazing." I said. "That's what masturbation is, amazing girl." she said. "Can we do this again?" I asked hoping for the answer. "Anytime. We'll have to plan another sleep over soon." We were both so exhausted after pleasuring each other that we just fell asleep after that. But when we woke up we had more fun touching each other and finding new pleasures together. We had a few more sleep overs after that, but sadly I haven't seen Faith in a good while. I keep hoping to find another good girl friend who would love masturbating together, because believe me. Its so much better doing it together. : )



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