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Ice Cream Cone

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Back in the eighties Lisa and I were assigned to work with a client about a one hour drive from our office. It was a six month project and we were to spend two or three days each week at the client's office where we were given a conference room to work in. Since we lived near each other and near our office, we took turns driving. Lisa was 27, single and lived with her folks. I was 40 and married.

Lisa was about 5'8' and perhaps 140 pounds, blonde and blue, very fair skinned with full lips and a rather small nose. Although she had a quick wit, she could be a bit on the shy side. She always wore fashionable, professional clothing and never anything close to provocative.

Thankfully, we got on very well together given the confines of the car and the conference room. And we got to know quite a lot about each other. Lisa was very occasionally dating Gerry, and she soon learned that my marriage was not all that great.

One hot summer afternoon about four months into the project we took a break and went across the street to an ice cream stand. I had a sundae cup and Lisa opted for an ice cream cone. We returned to the air conditioned conference room immediately so that the summer heat would not prematurely melt our treats. While sitting back and somewhat slouched in her comfortable chair, Lisa leisurely licked her cone. I immediately noticed that she had a fabulous tongue, too, and watching her full lips slide over the scoop of ice-cream atop the cone was beyond sensual.

She was facing me and her tight skirt had slid up about 6' above her knee. She seemed to be absent mindedly opening and closing her legs ever so slightly. Being a horny bastard and lover of erotic literature, I believed she was stimulating herself almost to the point of masturbating without touching herself. And this view and thought gave me a raging hardon.

'Umm boy,' I said. 'Nice technique you have with that cone.'

'I've never had any complaints with my oral techniques,' she shocked me by saying while giving no indication that her thoughts were very far removed from my own. The ringing of the telephone brought us both out of our fantasies and back to work while finishing our treats in a much less suggestive manner.

I had driven that day and once in the car and headed into rush hour traffic my thoughts returned to the ice cream cone. As soon as we got to the highway we heard on the radio that there was an accident ahead of us. I suggested taking an alternate route which normally would be longer in time and mileage but perhaps quicker this day and cooler than sitting in traffic. She said that was fine since I was driving. So I soon exited the expressway and headed in my new direction.

The route I chose was mostly two lane highway through countryside and small towns. And there was minimal traffic. Once we were able to relax from the lack of traffic, Lisa said, 'So you liked watching me eat the ice cream cone,' as she slightly turned toward me in the passenger seat.

'Yeah, I guess I did,' I replied.

'Well, if you didn't, your pecker certainly did,' she said shocking me for the second time in less than three hours. 'I wonder what it would have done if it had been out in the open and the damn phone hadn't rung.' Make that three shocking comments.

I looked over at her and asked, 'By any chance are you a bit horny today?'

'Not a bit,' she replied, 'More like TOTALLY. My panties are still damp and getting wetter and my nipples are begging me to play with them. And being out of traffic isn't helping any. If I was alone and driving out here, I'd probably be jilling right now.' If I had false teeth they'd be at my feet by this time.

'Would it help any if I said 'Don't let me stop you,'' I asked with a grin on my face.

'Yes, but if you took your cock out it would help even more.'

I pulled down my zipper and she wasted no time opening her suit jacket. She put her left hand inside her right bra cup and began to rub her medium sized tit. As she did this she raised her butt from the car seat and hiked her skirt up almost to her crotch. She then put her right hand inside the waist band of her pantyhose and down into her pussy. She was wearing no panties under the hose. My John Thomas sprung up and slapped against the steering wheel.

Lisa was looking at my cock and her eyes seemed to gloss over with lust, and in a voice I had never heard from her she cooed, 'Please play with it.' I gave it a few slow strokes and she pulled her hand from her pussy and licked some juice from her fingers.

'Do you have enough there for me to sample your wetness, too?' I asked.

'Sure do. There's always plenty to go around,' she answered, and went back for more. She brought her fingers toward my mouth and the scent was maddeningly erotic even before her fingers touched my lips. And her taste was sweeter than the ice cream that started the whole thing.. She removed her fingers from my mouth and brought them down and around my cock joining my hand in jacking me. 'Mmm,' she said, 'I'd like to continue this but I really want to cum now.'

She sat back and resumed playing with her pussy, still with her hand in her bra. 'You've seen me, Lisa Can I see some of you?' I queried.

'What about traffic? We could get in trouble, you know.'

'Just a peek, please.' And she responded by lifting her right boob from the bra cup and displaying a very erect nipple about a half inch long and quite wide which she continued to roll between her fingers. 'Wow, that's nice,' is all I could say.

Next she raised her butt off the car seat again, pushed her pantyhose down some more revealing a nearly bare pussy. There were just a few wisps of light blond hair that glistened with her juices. Lisa's finger was circling her clit in a rhythmic fashion bringing her closer and closer to her climax.

My cock was ready to bust loose with ropes of cum that I was sure would splatter on the inside of the windshield where there were no wipers to clear the mess, nor washer fluid to clean it.

And then it happened. She rose up from the seat once again and almost yelled, 'Oh my God, I'm going to cuuuummmmm.' And with that she began to shake and shudder in convulsive like spasms as she rammed her fingers up her cunt and lifted her hand up toward her navel. Her g-spot must have been on fire.

My first shot of sperm landed atop the steering wheel followed by another that draped over the horn rim. The third one rolled out of my cock head onto my fist, and it was followed by a couple of others doing likewise. Lisa released her tit and with that hand and reached over and gathered up some of my cum on her finger and said, 'Now its time I tasted you.'

Our route would eventually take us back onto the interstate, and as we rolled down the entrance ramp we were both hurriedly getting ourselves back into our clothes just as two 18 wheelers passed us. I feel sorry for the folks inconvenienced by the accident, both the victims and those delayed by it. But I am very glad for a hot day, an ice cream cone and the event which caused us to take a detour.



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