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I Would Have Never Guessed He Was Gay!!

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It was the end of the school year and someone was throwing an end of the year bash. I really didn't want to go but got talked into it by my buddy Rob. He wanted to go because there was some girl there that he was going to try and nail. So he comes by and picks me up and we go to the party.

We got there and the place was crazy packed. I just wanted to leave. I am kind of shy and don't like most of the kids at my school. Rob took off in search of 'his' girl, leaving me to fend for myself. I was looking around the room for a quiet corner to hide in when I saw Kyle across the room. I knew Kyle, he was a friend but not a close friend. He was drop dead cute and always had girls around him. However, tonight he was sitting alone so I went over to talk to him. We ended up talking for a long long time and everytime one of his 'girlfriends' would approach him he would blow them off and keep talking to me. Then Rob comes over all pissed off and slurs 'Dude, let's blow this shit party!'.

I knew immediately that he was drunk which was odd because it was an alcohol free party. I looked at Kyle with a deer in the headlights look. I did not want to get in the car with him. I couldn't drive him home because I didn't have a license. I couldn't walk home because I lived a long way away. I didn't really know anyone to ask for a ride. And mom would pick me up but I would never hear the of it. Finally Kyle says 'Dude, I live around the corner. Just come stay at my house.'.

'Really?' I question.

'Ya it'll be cool.'

Just then another one of Rob's friends comes up and grabs the keys from him and says 'c'on I'll drive you faggots home.' . It was a guy I really hated and Kyle knew it. Kyle immediately steps in and tells this guy 'You worry about him. Josh is staying at my place tonight.'.

With that Rob and the other guy leave. Kyle and I wait until they are gone then we leave too. It was just a short walk to Kyle's from the party. We get to his house and his mom is still up. She says it is ok if I stay but I just had to call my mom first. I called mom carefully not explaing why I was at Kyles just that I was at Kyles. She said ok.

Kyle's room was in the basement. Almost like his own little apartment. Sitting area with a couple of recliners and a TV, bathroom, and a big waterbed that I found out had been a hand-me-down from his uncle. 'Dude we reek like smoke. I'm gonna shower than you can shower too-OK?' Kyle states matter of factly.

With that he strips down to his boxers and goes into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Now Kyle had always been a jackoff fantasy of mine since the day we met. I had known I was gay for awhile but dared not tell anyone. Seeing him in his boxers started my dick to harden. Oh my God-his smooth chest, the hair under his arms, the treasure trail leading down his flat stomach disappearing into his boxers, the curly brown hair on his legs-it was more than I could stand. I had to watch tv just to take my mind off of things. Then Kyle comes out of the bathroom wearing only a towel which he drops to the floor right in front of me exposing the most perfect dick I had ever laid eyes on. It was just hanging there against his low hanging ball sack framed by the thickest bush of pubes I had ever seen. He walks over to his dresser to get a clean pair of boxers and says 'OK dude, your turn!'.

I got up and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I dared not strip out in the other room because my boner was tenting my boxers. Once I got into the shower my hardon subsided and I was fine. All of the sudden the door opens and in comes Kyle. 'Here's a towel for ya buddy.' He says matter of factly but I caught him trying to catch a glance of me through the glass shower door. I finish showering and dry off. I decided to give Kyle a glance of me. So I wrap the towel around my waist and go out into the other room.

'Dude, my boxers are kinda stinky. Ya got a pair I can borrow?' I slyly ask.

He gets up and walks over to his dresser. I drop my towel giving him full view of my dick, balls, and bush. He turns around and as he is tossing me the boxers he is obviously giving my naked body the once over. I put them on and we sit in the recliners and watch TV. After a few minutes he says he is tired and going to be. 'Dude, you can sleep in the recliner or you can have half the bed.'

'You wouldn't mind sharing your bed?' I asked.

'Nah it's cool. Just don't try and fuck me or anything!' Kyle replies laughingly.

So we climb into bed and turn out the lights. At first we are making small talk about the events of the night and stuff. Then out of the blue Kyle quietly asks 'Dude you ever gotten a handjob from another person?'.

I am suprised by this question and ask 'Why would you ask me that?'

'Because I never have and I was wondering what it felt like.' Kyle sheepishly replies.

'Oh bullshit! With all those chicks hangin' all over you, at least one of them has had to have given you a hand job!'

'Dude they are just friends-honest. I don't have a girlfriend and I don't want one either!'

'Well don't ask me. I haven't ever gotten one either.' I honestly say.

'Well you know I heard guys give better hand jobs than girls anyway. You know because they got the same thing.'

'Are you saying we should give each other handjobs?' I ask trying to not let the excitement show.

'Wweeelll I guess. You know just to see what it feels like.' Kyle stutters.

'Quit playin' man.'

'I'm not playin'-I'm serious.' Kyle shoots back.

'Well if your serious then take off your underwear!' I challange. With that Kyle whips off his underwear and throws it right in my face. 'There! Your turn now.' Kyle challenges back.

I take my underwear off and throw it into his face. After a moment of awkward silence Kyle asks 'You hard?'

'Hey your the one that wants us to jack each other off so find out for yourself!' Kyle wastes no time. He reaches over and grabs my hard dick. As soon as he grabs mine I grab his and it is really hard! We start exploring each other in the darkened room. Stroking each others hard cocks, playing with the balls, caressing inner thighs and petting each other's pubic hair while still under the blankets. Kyle throws back the blankets and we really start stroking.

'Dude, I want to see your hard dick. Turn on the light!' I softly say.

'Noway! My mom is still up. If she sees a light on she might come down. I don't want us to get caught!'

We continue to stroke each other in the dark. It was kind of cool actually. Stroking and being stroked in the dark added something because we could not see what the other guy was going to do. Neither of us lasted that long. Between the moans of pleasure and changes in breathing we knew we were about to cum. I could feel his cock getting extra hard in my hand so I tightened my grip and stroked him faster. He did the same to me. Shot after shot of boy juice erupted from our cum slits at exactly the same time. I had never cum so hard in my life and I am pretty sure he hadn't either! After we were finished, Kyle reach under his bed and grabbed his cum rag. He wiped us both clean. Then he wraps his arm around me and holds me close. I keep caressing his hairy inner thigh and playing with his low hanging ball sack.

We start talking about what had just happened. Both agreed it was amazing and can't wait to do it again in the morning when we can see each other. Kyle also admits that he had wanted to do it with me for a long time but wasn't sure if I would like it or not. I told him he had been my jackoff fantasy since the day we met! At that moment we both told each other that we thought we were gay. I was soooo happy to hear him say that. He leans in and starts kissing me!! As we kissed we brought our bodies together and started grinding our hard cocks together. The feel of our bodies rubbing against each other was amazing. I could feel his dick on mine. his sack slapping against mine, and our pubic hair tickling each other. We lasted a bit longer this time but still came pretty quickly! We did not bother to wipe up. Instead we just laid there in our post orgasmic bliss until we drifted off to sleep-naked wrapped in each others arms!!

The next morning we were awakened by the sounds of his mother getting ready for work. I was kind of afraid that she would come downstairs to check on us or something but Kyle assured me she wouldn't. We just laid there in each other's arm until we were sure she had left. Then Kyle says 'Ready to play? I gotta see that big dick of yours all hard!' With that he throws back the covers exposing us to each other hard for the first time in the light.

Both of us just stared at the beautiful sight before our eyes. We checked each other out throughly. Both of our dicks were about the same size except his was a little fatter and my pubic hair was lighter. We started playing which led to some naked wrestling ending with him on top of me with our dicks pressed together. Then he slides his legs under mine and scoots in close so we are joined at the waist. I get the idea and start stroking our cocks together. Nothing feels better than two cocks making love to each other. Kyle leans in and starts kissing me while I continue to stroke our dicks. Soon we are grinding and thrusting like a couple of wild animals. Without even realizing it we both start to cum-shaking a shooting every where. Even more than the night before. After we regain our composure we head off to the shower to get cleaned up. The rest of the day we spent in his room experimenting different ways and different places.

Kyle and I decided that we wanted to be more than friends and started secretly dating. One good thing about being gay and having a boyfriend at a young age is that your parents never think twice when you have him sleep over! They never suspected a thing!!



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