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10 Minutes of Freeview

Posted by: Age: 14 at the time Posted on: 1 comments
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My first sexual experience with a friend. 


This happened when I was around 14 years old with my friend at the time. Before I start I'm now in my early 20s straight average height, dark brown hair, 6" uncut cock when erect, average balls, im quite thick and my head his on the large side. I'm half Italian which means... You guessed it! I'm hairy as fuck, with a hairy chest that starts from my lower neck spreads right across my shoulder span and runs down to my stomach connected to my bushy pubes and furry balls right to my ass hole, hairy ass cheeks, hairy arms and legs, and my back (currently looking to laser removal on my back), My chest hair pokes out of my shirt, which I try to hide but getting to the point in my life where I donít give a fuck... 

Now the story:
So, I was having a sleep over with my best friend at the time Tom, we had been friends right until the end of high school when we broke off as we when to separate colleges. He invited me over and we did the usual stuff, went to the store got a tone of junk food, and watched movies. 

He had two single beds in his room so we both had our own bed, it was getting late and we got ready of bed. During this time, I was a late bloomer and a bit on the chubby side, no different to what I am now but thinner than what I was then. I had only started to grow public hair but no hair on my pits chest or anyplace part from my arms and legs, so if I recall correctly we changed separate. 

Once in bed we started talking and was watching the TV, he had a Freeview box so we got more than your standard 5 free channels over the air. We came across a porn channel that showed you 10 minutes of Freeview before it cut out and had to pay for the night. During this we both got horny and was laughing and joking about what was on. 

Not before long we were both hard, he asked me are your hard and I said I was. We both laughed and he asked me if was wanking, I was slowly tugging on my foreskin at this time and fact he was there and knew what I was doing made the whole thing electric.

He told me that he was too while making faces to show his pleasure, to which I got curious and wanted to know how other people wanked off. I asked him what he was doing to his response was up and down, I could see his hand moving up and down under the sheets. We both had this real hot science teacher and we both pulled ourselves off to the imagination of her. Verbally describing using our imaginations of course what we thought her pussy looked like and her tits. 

I was feeling extremely hot and every slide of my foreskin was seriously intense, maybe it was the excitement? - We both got into it and then he moved the sheet back and I saw the outline of his dick through this pyjama bottoms. He moved over to my bed and sat beside me. To my amaze he asked if we could show each other our tools, he was clearly curious to see what I was packing and at that time I was curious of his too. 

I told him to go first, and he pulled down his bottoms. I couldnít believe it, my first reaction was it was way bigger than mine. His cock had to be over 6" long and was curved up like a banana, he had heavy balls that hung low and his head was massive and purple. 

I notice he had no foreskin which I was curious about and asked him to which he was he did have foreskin but pulled back by itself. Mine did not do that!! He asked me if I wanted to touch it I was like we've come this far and I'd never touch another guy before, so I went for it and put my hand around the bottom of his shaft, it was warm soft and thick. I gave it a couple strokes which made him jump and he had also started to grow light brown pubes too, he was not a hairy guy and had no hair anywhere else expect from the start of pit hair.

Then he said it was my turn, I was so nervous about showing mine. I was not a big has him at that time it may have been around 4/5" not as think and I have foreskin that bunched up at the top so I had to slide it back myself. Anyway, I though fair was fair and it took a lot of courage and I pulled my bottoms, he did not laugh just looked at and then grabbed it. 

After that we wanked ourselves but if plain view of each other, glancing over at each other during the whole experience. I never experienced that feeling in my cock before, we were both on the edge of Cumming and we both came, him first then me, it was so intense I came more than usual I had only been wanking for about a year since this my orgasm was strong to the point I closed my eyes, I can see he had a strong one too by his mouth dropping open.

We laid on the bed before he got up, his cock remaining like a banana to get some tissue so we could clean up. The we showed what we had when soft and his did have foreskin that only came to the very tip where mine was more bunched up.

We both pretended that nothing happened and we had many sleep overs after, which all ended with some sexual play.

Hope you found this interested, I sure did going through the whole thing!



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