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I Made Her Cum

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Happened last night.


I've started seeing this girl about a week ago and we've never really did anything besides hold hands and make out. Well we were on a date at the local movie theater and we saw a movie. In the movie there was a really good sex scene and all I can say is that I was hard. Well I noticed that next to me my girlfriend was kinda twisting in her seat. So I asked her 'is there anything wrong?

'No', she said 'I'm just a bit restless' well me being the typical guy took this for arousal which it turned out to be. So I asked her 'Would you like to leave and go for a walk?'

'Yeah. that would be nice.' she replied.

So we're walking down the main road towards her house which is 3 blocks away from the theater. I just looked at her because it was starting to get dark but it wasn't dark enough to not be able to see her well. She was wearing a White Wifebeater under a sweatshirt of some band I have never heard of. And she looks amazing.

So we walk down her street and we stop in front of her house and notice all the lights are off. So she went in to check if her parents were home and she said they weren't and asked 'Would you like to come in?' I replied,


We went into her house and then into her room. I said to her ' How'd you like the half a movie we saw?' She replied with a laugh 'I thought it was pretty hot.' With that, she took off her sweatshirt leaving the wifebeater and started walking towards me. 'Well I see i'm not the only one who thought it was hot.' She kneels down in front of me and unzips my jeans. I take of my jeans, then assist in taking off her S

shirt leaving her white bra. She decided she didn't need the bra and took it off. We laid down on her bed and started making out. I still had my shirt on at the time so she took it off for me.

What seemed like 20 minutes later (it could have been 2) she goes into her dresser drawer and takes out an orange vibrator. Her being a nice girl I didn't expect that and kinda stepped back to watch. She put it inside of her with a satisfying sigh and started going to work. She looked at me and says 'I want you to do this' so I take the vibrator in her pussy at the time and start moving it in and out in short thrusts. She seemed to like this because her eyes were shut and she was biting her lower lip. I started to change this a little bit by taking it out and substituting my fingers and using the vibrator on her clit. She started spasming as soon as the vibe touched her clit. About a minute later she lifter her hips off the bed and I could feel the contractions in her vagina telling me that she came.

After that we made out some more then she helped me, but ill get back to that story soon. Comment if you like.



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