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I Let Him Watch

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OK-this is true-some may not like it, if not, then move on and peace.


I have a younger brother called Mike and like most boys his age he is very curious about girls, but also gets embarrassed really easily.

Over Christmas, he asked me if he could talk to me. I knew he had just got himself a girlfriend and he said it was her he wanted to talk about. I guess I felt kind of privileged.

We waited till our parents were out and I invited him into my room so we could talk. Mike was clearly embarrassed as all hell and it took a while for him to tell me what was wrong.

It turned out that his girlfriend was asking him to touch her between her legs, and Mike was scared! I mean REALLY scared. He told me that he didn't know what to do, what was what down there, and he didn't want to seem like a kid to her. I tried telling him just to take his cue from her. If he gets it right, her body will tell him by her getting wet, all that. But he really wasn't getting it. He told me that she had jacked him off and made him cum and now she wanted her turn, which, I guess is only fair really.

As we talked, I felt really sorry for him. He asked me if I masturbated (of course) how often (at least once a day) and whether I could cum (Well, DUH!) Then he asked about virginity, whether he should push a finger inside her.

He sat on the end of my bed and I could see the effect the conversation was having on the bulge in his joggers. In the end I said, 'OK, here's the deal. I will show you what is what down there, but NO-ONE knows!'

He agreed and I slipped my skirt up around my waist and eased my panties down. Even I was surprised at how wet this conversation had got me, but the evidence was there on my panties, so that was where we started. I told him that I was aroused, and wetness is one of the first signs. I spread my legs and parted my lips showing him my labia, my clit, my pussy hole, my asshole. And then, without another word being said, I started to masturbate in front of him.

I showed him what I like, and then I took his hand and made him do it to me. I lead him through rubbing my clit, watching my responses, guiding his finger inside me, first one, then two, but telling him that I had had sex (and also been masturbating with bananas and carrots since I was 13, so my hymen was long gone!)

He got into a lovely rhythm pressing forward against my g spot a and giving me that lovely horny/wet myself kind of feeling and soon, I knew I was going to cum. I figured I better tell him though.

Mike didn't stop, he fingered me off to a lovely orgasm.

I said I should return the compliment and got his cock out. I suggested that he smell my panties and almost the moment he did he said 'Oh Anna, I'm gonna cum' I wasn't quick enough and got his load in my face!

After he left my room, I lay there, still with my brother's sperm on my face and t shirt, and I masturbated again thinking about how lucky his girlfriend is going to be when he gets those long fingers inside her.

Of course, it means I have behaved incestuously with my brother, why is that such a turn on too?

I hope he asks me about fucking! If he does, I have NO doubt in my mind I would show him.



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