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Back Therapy

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Twenty years ago. True story-as well as I can remember.


When I was 16, I hurt my back on the high school cheerleading squad. For a month I had to wear a brace. My parents sent me to a chiropractor who did some work on me and prescribed that I sit in a Jacuzzi half an hour three times a week for a couple of weeks, with the jets massaging my lower back. I went to a small high school and it was decided that I should use the professional hot tub at school. It was big and made of metal and in the boy's locker room. The school nurse showed me how to use it one day after school. It was old, very deep, and had a seat on an electric lift, as well as a ladder, and big gauges and serious propulsion. It sat out in the middle of the room near the showers and lockers and right next to the coaches' offices. Going to the boy's locker room was weird enough, but getting into this big contraption, which looked like a cooking pot, was even weirder. After the nurse was sure I knew how to use it (and she checked on me those first two evenings), to adjust the jets and the seat and the heat, I was told to go in on my own Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

A little history: Just so you know up front (because I know you are wondering if I had already fingered my pussy), yes, I had started masturbating when I was 13, usually on the weekends. I used my fingers on my clit and in my pussy. I had involved fantasies about being gently held against my will by a group of boys from another school (they wouldn't know me and I wouldn't know them) who would blindfold me, tie my wrists and ankles, and do everything to me and make me do everything to them. I also had more romantic fantasies then that involved slow kissing and heavy petting and a gentle, long fuck with a favorite teacher. And I had also wondered what it would be like to do it with my older brother's best friend, who I had let see me in my underwear one weekend (by accident). I pretended I didn't know they were there and walked from the bathroom right into the living room in just my skimpy bra and skimpier panties, combing my wet hair. Their mouths just dropped to the floor as they stared at my tits and crotch. I apologized and went to my room. When I got inside I realized that my pubic hair was still wet (along with my soaking pussy) and my panties were nearly transparent. They had seen a lot more than I had intended, including the pink, wet slit of my pussy. This made me even hornier and I spent the next hour dreaming of them both holding me down and fucking me.

I was a virgin and had only touched one boy's penis at that point, which fascinated and scared me. But it was great. And I had fingered another girl during a sleepover when I was 13. I had also learned (thanks to my friend Lori) how to use the shower spray on my clit, but it was too intense. I preferred to go at a leisurely pace and to build to my orgasms, slipping my fingers in and out and rubbing my clit faster until I squealed (I am still a squealer). Also, I could usually come twice if not three times, if I had the time. I could also come by just rubbing my thighs together with the seam of my jeans pressed into the slit of my pussy and against my clit (better without panties). This continues to be my preferred method of getting off in public (a favorite pastime), although it takes a long time. I learned how to do this during Mr. Blake's advanced placement English class. But back to the Jacuzzi.

The first couple of times in the hot tub were not comfortable. I made the water too hot and the jets too hard, so that they nearly pushed me off the seat. Just so you know, the last thing on my mind was sex when I went to the boy's locker room those first few times. I would change into my bikini in the girl's locker room and then walk down the hall the short distance to the boy's locker room. I wore flip flops and had a towel around my waist. The third time, I ran into a janitor in the hall. He was surprised to see me and I him. I felt a tingle in my pussy, being exposed like I was. I decided to adjust the towel, taking it from my waist to my neck. He looked me up and down approvingly and asked me where I was headed in my bikini (we had no pool). I told him I had therapy in the Jacuzzi and he just nodded, moving his lustful eyes around my tits, tummy, and crotch. He was handsome. I think he got hard. I lingered, allowing his eyes to eat me. It then occurred to me that I was turned on being at school in nothing but my bikini. It occurred to me that if I wanted to I could get off in the tub; that I could also use the jets to get off. The thought made my heart race and my pussy tingle and get wet. I felt my nipples press against my top. I smiled at the janitor, flirting, and realized I was wiggling my butt for him as I walked away. I could feel his eyes on my ass, and when I turned to look back at him he was just leering at me, leaning on his broom. I purposefully let my suit ride up between my ass cheeks.

In the tub that evening, I actually slipped my hand inside my bikini bottoms and brought myself off thinking about the janitor catching or watching me. It was fantastic being so horny in the boy's locker room, with the smell of men everywhere. Although I didn't use the jets on my pussy that night, I decided that I would before my treatment was over.

The next week, thinking about masturbating in the tub, I was getting horny long before I went to the locker room. I made a routine out of being horny. I checked my pussy and it was soaked by last period. After school, I would have to wait in the library or an empty classroom and study until 5:30. Then I would do exercises for my back. At 7:00, when the boys were done with basketball practice and had all left for the night, the coach would come find me and let me know the locker room was all mine. Then I would masturbate in the tub to a couple of nice orgasms. That last night, though, I was destined to use the jets on my clit. I wondered what it would feel like actually shooting into my pussy. I was breathing heavy waiting for the coach to come and give me the OK. My mind was jumping from one sex act to the next. I was thinking about all the boys I wanted to fuck at school, as well as the teachers, the men around town, the fathers, my doctor, my priest, etc. I couldn't keep my mind on my homework. Sitting at the desk, I was feeling about as horny as I ever had felt. I slipped my hand under my skirt and into my panties and felt my wetness. I was soaked through. I rubbed my finger along my clit, which was hard as rubber. Then I heard the coach open the door. Under the table I continued to rub my clit as he talked to me.

In the locker room, I walked around and explored. I used the open toilet. So naughty. I opened lockers and rummaged through the used damp towels. I found a jockstrap and examined it. I turned on the Jacuzzi and decided to go in nude. I undressed and walked around the locker room. I lie down on one of the benches and spread my legs and touched myself, fingering my pussy for a few minutes. Then I hung my bikini on the wrench and got in the tub. I did the usual therapy on my back, thinking about sex the entire time. Then I turned and let the jets work against my cunt and clit, building me to my orgasm. I stood up to press my pussy against the high jet and held onto the sides of the tub. I opened my legs to let the water fuck me. I humped the spray. Soon I was buckling to a fantastic orgasm, squealing in the steam and heat. I almost fell down. I stood there, getting my balance, clasping my pussy with my hand, catching my breath, trying not to faint. I was sweating and tingling. It was like being in boiling water. I was thinking about gathering my senses and going again. But when I looked up I saw Brian, a senior and a long-distance runner. He stood there ten feet from me, naked holding a towel. He was staring at me wide-eyed with a big grin. His cock was semi hard between his thighs. He could see me from the waist up. My breasts were small but my nipples were hard and pointed. I stared at his cock. He stared at me. I'd known him for years, so I wasn't afraid. But I didn't know what to say. We were both frozen. He burst out laughing and said 'Well, now what?'

I started laughing out of nervousness. I had fantasized about fucking Brian, who had a reputation as a stud. Now he had just seen me cum and was standing there nude staring at my nipples while I had my hand between my legs. I collapsed in the tub and told him I was here doing back therapy. He said, 'Oh, is that what that was? Looks like fun.' He was actually cool and collected, considering the situation. He told me he had been running and had to take a shower. I tried to hide. I put on my bikini. But he just stood there watching me. His cock was getting larger. I tried not to stare at it. Then he just shrugged and said he was going to shower. I heard the water start. I got out of the tub, which gave me a clear view of Brian in the open showers. I stood there watching his firm butt. He was shampooing his hair. He turned toward me and I saw he was completely hard now. He rinsed his head and body and then looked right over at me. His cock was bouncy. He soaped up his cock and began to stroke it right in front of me, almost like a dare. I came a little closer and sat on the bench just outside the shower. He motioned for me to come in but I shook my head 'No.' He gave me a short show, fucking his hand for all it was worth. I sat there wishing I had the courage to masturbate with him. I wanted to so bad. I squeezed my thighs together, masturbating the best I could without touching myself. He encouraged me, telling me to take off my suit. Again, I nodded 'No.' But I pressed my wrist between my thighs, pressing my pussy against my arm. He smiled, shrugged, and beat his meat until he came, mouthing how much he wanted to fuck me. I was incredibly horny but I grabbed my towel, ran to the girl's locker room, and masturbated there alone in the shower, cumming twice.

On Monday, Brian cornered me in the hall after school and asked me out. I said I would think about it. We did go out a couple of weeks later and our sex life proceeded slowly, despite our first adventure. Eventually we did masturbate together and he took my virginity. We dated for the summer until he left for college. I'm wet now. I think I need some therapy.



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