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I Learned Something about My Wife

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The names have been changed to protect the guilty


I'm a dual certified Rehab / Massage Therapist, I work full time for a small rehab facility. Most of my clients are 60+ there is no sexual aspect to my work. I have private clients, which have kept me on after they have transitioned home. But I make it a point not to work on ladies I might actually be physically attracted to. I did some of that when I was younger ladies looking for a guy to make them feel good. I danced too close to that fire and now stay away from the flame. I have all the work I want and make nearly 90 grand a year, working just over 50 hours a week. Special work as I used to call it can pay better, but it's not worth losing my wife/kids/house. The point is I know better, but I was about to be tested.

My wife's recently divorced friend from college is doing a bike trek across the US over summer break with her daughter as a graduation present. They were to stay with us three days and do some white water rafting and antiqueing while they were here. My wife (Terri) was to take off work and asked me to do the same. She wanted me to be the chef. I do most of the cooking (that way I don't have to be quilted into cleaning up & I'm the better cook) They were to show up Thursday, and stay through Tuesday Morning. But without so much as a call they showed up Wednesday evening. Sandy my wife's friend and Christi her daughter were not intending to stay that night, they had just pressing their schedule to beat a storm. They were going to have a spa day staying at the local resort for one day, but my wife would have none of it. They looked pretty road worn and had not eaten. We had just finished dinner but I always have half baked shells to make pizza on short notice. So off I went, we have an outdoor brick oven, just outside the kitchen. My wife and Sandy sat in the kitchen Sandy drinking wine, My wife drinking soda. My wife had to work that night. Even with Sandy having 100 miles of road dust and perspiration, she was hot. She was as buff as any 40 something lady I had ever seen. She is a teacher which leaves her lots of time to work out and off hours access to the facilities to do it.

I kind of ease dropped as Terri quarried Sandy as to what led to the divorce. Well as it turned out her ex had had an affair and Sandy found out about it. She basically cut him off and they separated until they could figure out what they wanted to do. Sandy had no intention in starting anything that would inhibit their getting back together, but as word got out that she was separated, her phone got real busy with guys looking to comfort her in her time of need.

Sandy is no dummy and she knew there are no secrets in the small town they lived in. She was not about to give him an excuse to blame the break up on her. At the same time she felt really violated and would have really appreciated turning the tables on her husband. Then out of the blue an old high school flame finds her on facebook and they start to correspond. He has just retired from the military and was looking up some old friends hoping to do some traveling and well long story short, he visited her, she made in clear that no one in her town could know, especially not her daughter. This guy was ex Special Forces apparently he made a game of how they meet and what they did. Correspondence came via courier with non descript return addresses, they included plans for their next encounters, he did every thing from renting a moving truck and setting up a candle lit pied-a-terre in it. To taking a pluming service truck for a test drive from a dealer who had it for sale. He showed-up at her house in overalls. It was something different almost every day. There was plausible deniability built into every encounter. It culminated in meeting her in Vegas for the week her daughter was doing spring break with her cousins in the Rockies. The way he made every thing about her sealed the deal. She decided there was nothing her husband could do that would convince her to take him back.

She had filed last April and things finalized this spring, the tough thing was that her new boyfriend was called back to active duty, and would be gone for at least six months.

Then it started getting interesting. They spoke in more hushed tones. If I had not been right by the window I would have not have heard. They spoke of what she did to satisfy her urges. Sandy was asking Terri about whether we did it as often, and maybe Terri could share some like they used to. Then it got really quiet I could not hear what was said but suffice it to say Terri did not slap Sandy and tell her to get out. I met Terri after College I was not aware she ever had gotten this wild.

The pizza was done and Christi came bounding out on the patio in sweat pants and a mussel shirt. In the setting sun with her facing the kitchen I could clearly see the silhouette of her extra firm titties and when she turned I could make out the shading of her dark brown areola. I was hard as a brick bat; I did not dare turn toward the table. I served folks from the counter and only sat after things settled down. Sandy let Christi have wine. The whole meal we heard tales of their trek thus far, we noted how buff they appeared and that there is no way we could ride 100 miles in a day.

They acknowledged this was their first day with that many miles and based on how sore they were, it would be their last. They were looking forward to a massage at the resort. Sandy pipes up and says Ricky is a massage therapist and I give great massages. I pipe up and as only if your 65 and are in rehab. To which Sandy says non-sense he does me at least twice a week and I wouldn't miss it. She told Sandy to take a shower and Ricky can do Christi while I clean up the kitchen. Who was I to argue?

Terri told Sandy to use the master bath the pressure is better. Terry had me put in a massaging shower head there is no difference in the pressure. I knew what Terri wanted for Sandy. If experience was any indicator, I would have at least a half and hour with Christi.

I got out my table and suggested Christi take off her sweat pants and put on a towel. I started with her calves and feet, Christi was moaning in way that it sounded like I was doing things I was not. It was giving me another stiffy. Terri pokes her head around the corner and says she is 18 what are you doing for her. I smiled over my shoulder and said everything the resort would do and nothing more. Christi seemed to stifle her moans after that. I worked on her upper body and her back and brought out some old fashioned hand vibrators that strap on your hands. Terri went up to dress for work. I worked on the back of Christi legs and gluts. She says to me that feels wonderful would they do that at the resort, realizing I may have crossed the line, and asked if it made her uncomfortable. Her response was, please don't stop.

I heard Terri coming down stairs and move back to the backs of Christi's legs. Terri told Christi she would sleep well tonight. Christi moaned something unintelligible back. Terri said Sandy may be a while she is really enjoying the shower. She gave me a wink and a kiss and headed out the door to work.

I asked Christy to roll over. As she did, I could see her panties were soaked. I had not touched her there, clearly she was very aroused. Her nipples were like 44 magnums. I so wanted to massage her tits but, I held off. I worked on her thigh muscles, as I got closer to her groin she raised up her knees splayed her legs wide open and put her feet over the edge of the table. It took all my will power not to really take advantage of her. The vibrators were getting warm I turned them off and was about to take them off when she in almost a pleading voice said please don't stop. I turned one back on an allowed the housing of the thing to trace the insides of her thighs. As it brushed her panties she moaned a deep guttural moan and began to convulse I knew I should take it away but I did not. When she was finished she curled into a ball. I whispered in her ear this has to be a secret if it is ever to happen again. She lay their and just smiled a said, please carry me to bed. I suggested she could walk, but she gave me puppy dog eyes that would have any man do anything. I took her up to our son's room who is on summer co-op. As I set her down she would not take her arms from around me. She murmured, do me again. I said I can't but I have an idea. I went and grabbed Terri's travel vibe. I told Christi she could use it while she was there and to leave it in the grill when she left. Christi motioned me close to hear a whisper, and she pulled me in and kissed me on the cheek.

I was old enough to be her father. Her mom was just down the hall and I was rock hard. Not a good condition in which to be found. Sandy comes down beet red whether from the hot water or multiple orgasms I was not sure. She was in Terri's silk robe. She say's, It was just hanging there, I don't have a lot of clothes with me, and I'd be taking them off for the massage anyway.

Sandy wanted another glass of wine and to cool off before the massage. We sat on the patio and drank ice wine and ate some ice cream to cool off. As we sat there the robe works its way loose and it was apparent Sandy had nothing underneath. The cool night air, the silk robe, and the ice cream were conspiring to show off Sandy's nipples through the robe. I could tell where Christi got her assets. Sandy said she was ready for her massage. I asked if there was any thing in particular she wanted me to work on. She kind of giggled and said why don't you start with my thighs.

After several glasses of wine she dropped the robe without a second thought. As I wiped down the table she stood there like body builder stretching a little to accentuate the positive. In my career I have seen a lot of nagged bodies but none ever that looked as buff as this one without being a body builder. Other than her tits and ass, there was not an ounce of fat on her. If I had to guess I would have said she was in her early thirties. Forties and two grown kids would not have even been on the table for consideration. She slinked up onto the table. I oiled her up good first working on her thighs, I did not hesitate working her boobs and abdomen there was a towel for modesty but it was a sham she was on display and loving it. I had her roll over and worked on her with the vibrators on my hands for the better part of an hour. As I was working her gluts she spread her legs. The invitation could not have been more clear, as she rotated her pelvis exposing her pussy. I took off one of the vibes and grabbed a blown glass bud vase from the table to use as a dildo. I worked her clit with my vibrating hand as I worked the vase into her pussy. The sides were fluted as I worked in slowly in and out it drew copious amounts of juice from her pussy. When she finally came she almost screamed. I was worried Christi might come running. I listened intently for any tell tail sounds as I allowed Sandy to return to Earth. At this point I had been rock hard for nearly two hours and the front of my shorts has a wet spot from precum.

Sandy looked at me and said your turn. She told me to get on the table she wanted a ride. I told her that was not possible, she giggled and said not only is it possible from the looks of things I would say it's an imperative. I have cum more and better in the last two hours than I have since Jeff was recalled. I owe you.

I asked her how Jeff would feel, this sobered her up. I was able to get her to bed alone without further incident. This was night one of a five night stay. I wanked off alone that night. This was the tamest of the interfaces, and the only one I could write about here. Hope you all enjoy.



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