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House Sitting

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This was all came about when I was 19, I had been masterbating since I was 12, A friend of mine and his family were leaving to go on a trip to Europe for two weeks and had asked if I would house sit for them. I agreed so they left. About the third night a friend came by late after work he knew I was house sitting and wanted to hang out. So we shot pool and watched movies. We decided to go for a swim and my friend had no suit neither did I, so he started to strip to his white underwear, he was very tall and slim.

So after staring at him for what seemed like for ever he said aren't you going in, I said yeah. I guess I was very nervous, this guy was known throughout all our friends for being very large. So I stripped and jumped in right away. After swimming for a while I could tell everytime he went under water he was checking me out, so I said to him that I was going to turn the pool light off, and before I could get out of the pool he was out and running for the light switch.

When he turned around his underwear was plastered against his skin and his cock was off to one side and straining to stay in his shorts. Again all I could do was stare, we started with more horse play and before I knew it he was pulling my underwear off, well I tried to prevent this and lost the battle, so here I am naked in the pool and he has my shorts. Well he threw them as far as he could, I told him I was not getting out. Well he did and to my surprise he too was naked and he went to turn back on the pool light by then he could see me, he turned around to get back in the pool and that's when I saw his cock. Easily 8' and very hairy.

He dove in and swam towards me by the step and floated on his back, his cock was bobbing in and out of the water. He said I should try floating, the cool air with the warm water felt nice. Well I tried and sank so he offered to help, he grabbed me and supported me underneath with one hand on my upper back the other was on my ass. He said to relax and lay still. Well I started to feel my cock harden and felt his hand between my legs, his thumb was tugging at my balls and he was staring right at my cock each time he tugged, my cock would bob up.

Well he asked if I was enjoying myself and I said 'can't you tell' well he said he meant me floating and I said oh. Well he floated me over to the step and layed me across his legs and started to grab my cock. I sat straight up and was shocked and he said to just relax. So I laid back down and he started to jack me off. He could tell I was close and asked if I wanted to really cum. I said yeah, well that meant, just as I started to let loose he stuck his index finger in my ass, and I let out a yelp and the biggest load I had ever had.

I sat up in a daze and watched my cum float in the water. I climbed off him and faced him, cum still floating around us he lifted himself up onto the side of the pool and his cock was standing straight up water pouring from the tip and balls. I grabbed hold of it at the base and started to pump it, a good half of it was sticking out through my hand so I started to double pump him, he was humping like a wild horse. I leaned in just when he was close and bit down on his nipple, he let loose a stream of cum all over me and him. He laid back down on the pool deck and tried to catch his breath. We slipped into the pool and his cum floated off each other. The next day I was in the shower and to my shock he was sitting on the bathroom counter stroking his cock!!!



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