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Hospital Stay

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When I was 15, I managed to get a bladder infection. After several visits to the GP with my mother and several courses of antibiotics, my symptoms were not clearing up. One night, I was sleeping in bed when I was awoken by an excruciating pain in my stomach. Calling out in pain, my mother heard and rushed into my room to find me lying with my legs pulled up to my stomach sobbing in pain. She took one look at me and grabbed my dressing gown, placing it around my shoulders she bundled me into the car and drove me to the hospital. An hour later after I had been examined, a doctor sat with my mother and I and explained that I had kidney stones and that I would have to have ultrasound treatment to break them up. Meanwhile, he would give me an injection for the pain and I was to stay in hospital for a few nights.

A week later I was still in hospital, I was having treatment everyday but I was still not well enough to go home. Luckily, I was placed in a private room but I was getting incredibly bored. My mum would visit everyday but as soon as visiting hours were over I found myself with very little to do. My only conversation other than my mum was with my nurse, Sophie. She was great, she was probably mid forties with short black hair and a full figure that was made even better by her NHS issue dress.

One night Sophie came into my room to check my blood pressure. She asked me how I was feeling and I replied that I was bored as usual. She proceeded to take my blood pressure asking me if there was anything she could do to help. I told her that I could do with something to read as I had finished the book my mum had bought me. Taking the cuff off me she said she would see what she could do and left. Half an hour later, Sophie came into my room and said sorry she couldn't find anything more appropriate but it was better than nothing. She placed a copy of Woman and Home magazine onto the bed and telling me I should buzz if I needed anything she left.

I picked up the magazine and started looking at the mundane articles on the cover. It was full of beauty tips and fashion advice not much to interest me. I flicked through anyway and happened to land at the fashion pages. My eyes met numerous middle aged women modelling lingerie. My heartbeat quickened and I felt my cock engorge with blood. I realised that it had been almost a month since I had masturbated myself and that seeing these models in very sexy underwear was making me very excited. My cock had grown very hard at this point and was making a tent in my hospital gown. It only took me a second to pull the gown up to my chest and reveal my young cock.

I slowly placed my right hand around it's girth and started to wank it whilst looking at the lingerie models on the glossy magazine. After a minute copious amounts of pre cum were leaking from my cockhead. Suddenly in my haste to cum the magazine slipped from my hand and rested against my cock. I picked it back up and noticed the large glob of pre cum on the glossy page. Turned on even more I grabbed my cock again and wanked furiously. As I was lost in my own world, the door opened and Sophie walked in. I stopped and covered my cock with the magazine whilst she stood and stared.

She finally spoke saying that she was glad the magazine had relieved my boredom. She said that she would leave me to it but before she left she went to my bathroom and picked up a big box of tissues, handing them to me she winked and said for the clean up. As she said it, my excitement became too much and as I took the tissue box the glossy magazine shifted position on top of my cock. With a loud moan I ejaculated all over it's open pages. Sophie gasped and just stood and watched me in the throws of orgasm. I suddenly felt very embarrassed but Sophie shrugged it off saying that she hoped I felt better. She then took the magazine off me and threw it in the bin and left me to clean up.



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