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My Weekend Solo Touch

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My solo touch in the privacy of my own home.


It is Friday evening. I have just returned to my apartment from the airport after a tiring business trip. I throw my luggage on the bed, go down to the lounge and in no time fall asleep on the settee. I wake nearly an hour later. I go into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine accompanied by some nibbles. As I begin to relax my mind goes back to the flight when I simply said to myself I have not sexually satisfied myself for several days . Not surprised given my workload. But its now the start of the weekend.

I now live on my own so can do exactly what I want and will certainly chill out. As I relax, through my trousers I can feel my penis beginning to stir. It is tingling and my heart begins to beat a little faster. But I am a romantic person who likes to satisfy myself by taking time and ensuring the environment is right. I get up for another drink and make a simple pasta meal. I turn on the TV and as usual nothing of interest so switch it off.

Deep down I am beginning to feel horny. I need some release which should also make me sleep soundly. I go up to my bedroom and run a hot bath with lots of soap bubbles. I lay there watching my semi erect penis bobbing around in the water but largely hidden by the bubbles. I deliberately do not touch it. I savour the anticipation. After about half an hour I get out, dry myself, put on some pants and get into bed. Oh what luxury compared with hotel beds. Nice deep pillows and soft duvet. I turn the wall lights low, turn on some very soft background music.

As I lie there I very lightly run my fingers over my pants. From some of the porn sites I occasionally watch on my computer it would seem I am not particularly well endowed. I'm quite small when flaccid and about five inches when erect. I don't mind. It's what I feel that matters and here I am with a very hard erection dying for action. It would be so easy to jack off in maybe less than a minute but I want to prolong the exquisite sensations.

I run my right hand inside my pants and fondle the tip of my circumcised penis which is very sensitive and rather slippery from a little precum. With this and some of my own saliva I slowly run my right hand the full length of my shaft down to my well trimmed pubic hair. At the same time I run my left hand between my legs, on to my thighs, back up to my abdomen and then cup my balls. With the flat of my right hand I circle around the tip of the glans then return to sliding up and down the full length of my throbbing shaft. I edge. I stop. I start again this time with my fingers wrapped around my erection so that the palm continues top rub against the glans and my thumb and index finger running along the normally upper side of my shaft. I want to prolong the pleasure but am not sure I can wait.

Very gradually the tension rises. In the subdued light I can see the my penis glistening with all the natural lubrication I begin to groan and moan. I raise my bum and arch my back. I am in a very private safe place so can make as much noise as I want. The point of no return begins to dawn as I feel the start of my ejaculation. I watch a huge orgasm first with a powerful spurt of warm white opaque semen up to my navel quickly followed by two more much weaker ones which I let dribble down my shaft and on to my pubic hair.

I lay there with my heart pounding and inside my grasp is a by now flaccid but very sticky but well satisfied penis. I massage the semen on my stomach into my skin. It is not long before I pull the duvet over me and fall fast asleep.

I wake late in the morning with an erection quickly realising I need to go to the loo. My pubic hair has become a bit hardened from the dried semen. I go down and get a coffee then take a shower. A new dawn breaks. The sun is shining. I feel happy and will have another session maybe tonight or more likely tomorrow. On that occasion I am more likely to be turned on by reading Solo Touch stories and a video.



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