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Dedicated to my girlfriend.


Hi guys, I've been reading Solo Touch for the last few weeks and just thought it's about time I give back to the community and write about something that happened yesterday. First off I want to say how much I love my girlfriend. It's been a year and half and I love her more then anything else in the world. even masturbation

Recently my girlfriend told me she masturbated, which turns me on. Lately I've fantasized about just walking in as her legs are spread and she's rubbing her pussy. The problem is that my girlfriend is so shy she rarely even wants to kiss me in public. That's why yesterday was so awesome.

Yesterday was our Homecoming; I'm in marching band, while my girlfriend is in the colour guard (flag twirlers). She looked gorgeous in her uniform. Her standing there, with a black halter top, her boobs just waiting to fall out and her beautiful ass taunting me. She's the only girl on the squad who fills out those tight pants and it made me so horny just watching her warm up and shake that ass before the game.

After half time we all got a break for 20mins, so I went to sit with my girlfriend in the stands. She brought a blanket, so we could cuddle under it during break. As everyone was watching the game and as I was so horny from watching her I decided to have some fun. So I let my hand go under her top, run along her stomach and up to her boobs. I just gave them a soft squeeze and a pinch of the nipple, then I took my hand out and just let it rest on her thigh.

She gave me the most annoyed look; she loves teasing me but hates it when I do it. I felt sorry for her, so I decided to be nice and started rubbing her inner thigh. She got this really dazed look in her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. I didn't understand why she had that look, as I've rubbed her inner thigh before and just got my hand moved away. Then she grabbed my hand under the blanket, opened her legs a little and pushed my hand to her pussy.

It was so warm and a little wet and at this point. I was utterly surprised at what she had done. This was the first time she's ever been so straight forward, not to mention the first time my hands ever been this close to any girl's pussy. Good thing there's Solo Touch. From reading all your stories I knew exactly how to touch her and when she started squeezing my other hand I knew I must have been doing something right.

Then she pushed my hand away and put her hands on my thigh. Marching band pants are notoriously thin and loose and after a little guidance she found my stiff dick and let her fingertips just run over it through my pants. Then she took the head in her hand and slowly stroked up and down. Oh it felt so good, it felt so much better then when I masturbated. I couldn't believe the hand on my dick was my girlfriend's. The shyest and most innocent girl at our school had her hand just stroking dick. If only we had another 15 mins, I would have shot the hugest load ever. I had to get back to playing for our already losing team, but I couldn't concentrate for the first 2 songs we played.

Hopefully next time we won't be surrounded by our friends and sharing the blanket with her best friend! Did I forget to mention that? I just hope nobody realized what were doing.



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