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Home Gym 2

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Too good to be true... But it all is!


After my first experience at my neighbors house last week I was nervous and excited to go back. I ran into Rich a few days later and he asked if I was coming over again on Saturday. I assured him I wanted to and he told me to come around noon. I could hardly wait and I found myself jacking off the night before thinking about what might happen.

I arrived as planned, but this time I decided to skip wearing underwear under my gym shorts. I had a semi- erection by the time I got to Rich's house. He met me wearing only shorts and no shirt. Our workout was relatively uneventful, although I was disappointed that Sarah, Rich's super sexy wife, never appeared.

At the end of the workout Rich told me to make myself comfortable on the couch while he made a couple of protein shakes. While he was upstairs I started thinking about the way our last workout had ended and once again I felt myself getting hard. I remember vividly his wife's pussy spread open as she rubbed it and the way his thick cock throbbed as he spurted all over himself. My erection grew to throbbing and I realized I was subconsciously rubbing it through my thin shorts. I was thinking about putting my hand down my shorts when Rich walked in and handed me my shake.

'Looks like you started without me...'. He laughed. Then he stripped his shorts and stepped out of them and sat down next to me on the couch completely naked. My penis was rock hard and begging for relief. At Rich's urging (it didn't take much) I pulled my shorts down too and started stroking my pulsing cock slowly. We both sat and stroked in silence. I watched his thick dick slide in and out of his hands till the veins stood out and the head was full and purple. I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting watching his penis swell and harden and throb. My cock was in a similar state, and I had to slow way down to keep from coming too quickly. Soon my and and cock were coated with precum and I heard the same squishing and sucking sounds coming from his fist as it pumped up and down faster and faster. His hand became a blur and then suddenly he grunted and froze. His back arched and his butt came off the couch as thick white streams of cum spurted into the air and splashed down on his chest. Watching him come set me off too and I squirted my cum into the air as well. It was probably one of the most intense orgasms I had felt for a long time and despite the previous nights emissions I spurted quite a bit of cum., higher than I had imagined was possible. To my sudden horror some if it landed on Rich's leg. I apologized but Rich said not to worry about it. We both just sat there for a minute or two in satisfied silence until I decided it was time for me to go. I thanked him for the workout and he said no problem and that I should come every Saturday at noon. I readily agreed and as I was walking out the door he called out to me

'Oh, and Sarah should be here next week too...'. He smiled and winked at me.

I can't wait til Saturday!



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