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Best Friends Share Semen

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This is the story of my friend Justin and I which took place when we were 16 years old. The original setup to our fooling around involved watching porn videos I had found in my dad's stash and evolved into us jerking off in front of each other. We then progressed to jerking each other off and other things...


This story is a continuation of an original post made many years ago about my best friend Justin and I when we were 16 years old. This is a TRUE story. To give a little more background, we were very close in high school (as this story shows) and had several sexual encounters before discovering our true orientations. I ended up gay and he is now happily married to a woman.

Justin was athletic, around 5'10" with dirty blond hair and a soccer-player's build. I was 6'3" and lanky with dark hair and eyes. We both dated girls in the same friend circle and had similar tastes in hobbies and music. I had always been curious about Justin's body ever since we started changing in front of each other for gym close and noticed how his development compared to mine.

After our first mutual masturbation session at his house watching porn, we hinted at wanting to do it again by indicating the code word "World History Session". This was thought up by recalling the original reason for our meeting at his house to do a project for school. I had been wanting it for a long time but didn't know how to properly express my feelings for him. I waited for him to make the first move.

A few months later, I had him over for a sleepover at my new house, which we had just finished building. It was a large home, and I had a large bedroom with my own bathroom, which made it easier to carry on our activities. We started the evening with dinner and eventually went up to my room to watch porn together, but as we were nervous about being caught, we left the volume on very low. 

My dad came up to check on us (we switched off the TV), and I indicated that Justin planned to sleep on the floor. In reality, we would both be sleeping in my bed. I was so nervous and excited, but my dad didn't catch on to anything apparently, and he left us to our horny teenage selves.

Justin and I then continued watching the video and I eventually got the nerve to take my boxers off and he followed suit. I brought out a jar of vaseline from my bathroom and smeared some on his hard 7" cock. He didn't make any noise but was very pleased with how I, as a practiced daily masturbator, was working his teenage dick. He reached over and idly played with my dick too, but I was very focused on making him cum first. I was mesmerized by his masculinity, his blond pubic hair and his 6 pack abs which I never managed to achieve despite my lanky frame. 

After jerking him off for around 5 minutes, he quietly said "it's gonna cum" and spurted several small jets onto his abs and my hand and then softly chuckled to himself. I could tell he was a little paranoid about getting his cum on my hand, but I secretly loved it and immediately smeared his spunk on my hard throbbing 6" cock. He seemed to find this "type" of lube exciting and new and started jerking me off slowly as I enjoyed every sensation his hand was sending to my adolescent brain. 

It took me a little longer to reach orgasm (all the better), but I spurted it all the way up to my nipples and was very pleased with my shooting abilities. Justin laughed and was amazed at how far I shot my load. I wiped up with some kleenex and we both continued watching the porn. Our dicks remained hard the entire time.

At this point, everyone in the house was in bed, so we were a little more brazen. We decided to continue exploring each others' bodies by rubbing our cocks together and laying on top of each other. He grabbed my arms as I was on top of him and it felt like heaven having my best friend underneath me, wanting me and holding me. I continued to rub our cocks together and jerked myself slowly on top of him until we switched positions. 

Laying on my bed, with him on top of me, I grabbed his dick and jerked it off just inches from my face. I wanted so badly to taste it but thought that would be taking it too far. Instead, I played with his balls and continued jerking him off until he said "I'm close" and blasted several shots on my chest. I was in heaven! I rubbed his cum into my skin and felt a warm flush come over me. 

We then switched positions again with me on top and him jerking me off on top of him. I took over for a bit and finally said I was going to cum, but instead of moving out of the way, he let me shoot my load on his neck, chest and even a little hit his face. He wiped it off with his arm and seemed unfazed by how far our friendship had just taken us. Mixing our spunk on each others' bodies was about as far as we could go. We got off one more time that night (oh to be 16 again!) and crawled under the covers.

I then asked, "Justin, can I ask you something?"

To which he replied "sure". 

"Can I kiss you?" 

"Oh-tay" he replied. He always said "oh-tay" when he was nervous.

I then lightly kissed his cheek and tried to explain that I wasn't gay, just experimenting. He said it was fine, but I could tell he was a little confused about his own feelings. We talked about what being gay meant and agreed that anal sex sounded gross. When I went to college, I would learn to love it!

The next morning, we woke up next to each other, and I reach over into his boxers to squeeze his sizable morning wood. He stretched and looked me in the eyes knowingly. I gingerly took his hard teen cock out of the slit in his boxers and rubbed it on his abs a bit to get him even more horned up. I steadily brought him to another orgasm and blissfully thought all my teenage dreams and fantasies had become a reality.

Then my dad knocked on the door and said breakfast was ready. 

We quickly threw on some clothes and went downstairs for breakfast like nothing had happened, but I knew our friendship had reached the ultimate level. I was experiencing puppy love, and I relished every minute of my wantedness.



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