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'Hole To Hole'

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Sorry about the title which is a bit crude, but it was how it felt at the time... and more importantly, it was what made me cum.


Polly, my best friend is really fun to be with. She can make a cloudy day sunny, and has let me cry on her shoulder more than once. Nothing sexual has happened between us other than the usual girl talk, boys, periods, boob size and masturbation.

One hot Sunday afternoon, it was way too hot outside so we were sitting in my room just chatting. We were both in our panties and bras. Well, Polly had her bra on, I had a bra top. We were talking about boys and sex and it was so damn hot in that room, we were both sweating like pigs too. I noticed that Polly's panties were beginning to look wet, but, honestly, I figured it was the heat. But then I noticed her nipples hard against her bra. I must admit, I was getting horny too as Polly told me about getting fingered by her boyfriend. Then she said 'He wants to watch me jill off!' We talked about not thinking we could do it with someone watching, then Polly said 'Hummph. In my house we've all seen each other jill off. It's no big deal. I just don't know if I want Peter to see me do it.' I said that I thought it would be horny as all hell to jill off with someone but hadn't had the chance.

Well, one thing kinda led to another and soon we had our hands in our panties jilling and looking at each other. The room smelled of sweat and pussy and it was really fucking horny. Soon we were both naked and had our legs entwined on my bed. I thought we were going to rub pussies, (which really turns me on!) but we didn't. Perhaps it was that we were so fucking close to doing that, that did it. But then I realised our holes were opposite each other and I was about to cum opposite another girls hole. That did it for me and I cummed really hard and even squirted which must have gone on Polly a little. It drove her over too, and she orgasmed too on my pussy.

I think we both squirted, because I remember that both our crotches and inner thighs were wet and my quilt needed changing!

After we had calmed down, we both needed a shower and decided that as we had the house to ourselves we would share it. It felt so erotic wandering around the top floor of the house naked together, and I let myself imagine that we were a lesbian couple living together and that made my clit jump. I also imagined someone coming home and catching us naked. By the time the shower had sorted itself out somewhere between icy and scalding I was horny again.

We got into the shower and Polly said that she needed to pee. The next thing I knew she was peeing on my leg as a joke. Joke it might have been, but for me it was the sexiest thing I had ever done up to that point. We held each other and peed on each other's thighs and then Polly said we should jill off standing up in the shower. I hadn't cummed standing up until then, and boy, its a whole different experience. Way more intense somehow. I loved watching Polly, the way she alternates between rubbing her pearl and pushing two fingers deep inside herself. I had never put anything in there because I was scared of it hurting and tearing my hymen. Polly said she was so glad that SHE had got rid of her hymen rather than 'some dick-head of a boy who can't wait to push it up my cunt.' So I decided that now was as good a time as any. At first I managed one finger and it felt like pushing it through a hole in cling film. Then Polly bumped against me and OW! there was blood and the resistance had gone. It stung like fuck for a while, but later that afternoon, I found out what it's like to cum with something to squeeze around. (Polly's fingers) and mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Since then Poll and I have done the full lesbian thing, you know, touching, tongues and all. I know she fucks boys, and I want some of that too I think. Hell, I'm only 18 now and I haven't made up my mind if I am lesbian, straight or bi. Who the fuck cares anyway?

I am surprised though that I like, umm, well, 'dirty' stuff. Like the peeing. I mean, how could anyone get turned on by that? But I know I did, and even more, I got to thinking about peeing my panties sometimes too. Polly says she has done that and it feels really dirty. Maybe I should try.

But what I really want to try is doing it outdoors. You know, jilling and all. Somewhere where someone might come along and see me, or maybe even join in! Now THAT is hot!

Ok, well, I am too wet to write any more and I need to go change. Bye.



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